Aug. 29th, 2011 05:35 pm
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I'm grumpy right now.

I'm grumpy because Oracle's been rebooted.

I'm grumpy because I've been having panic attacks.

I'm grumpy because I burned my hand two days ago and now my teapot makes me nervous.

I'm grumpy because Bachmann just claimed the recent natural disasters were because God's mad at Obama.

I'm grumpy that apparently this is what it takes for women to be prominent politicians in this country, that women who think and care and aren't raving bigots get no attention.

I'm actually really, really grumpy about Oracle, and may make a seperate post.

I'm grumpy because my side hurts bad and I don't need a kidney stone right now, no I don't.

But I'm happy because I have tea, and the cafeteria served pasta and yummy bread, and Photoshop finally downloaded correctly, and while I don't know why God does things any more than certain presidential candidates do, I do know that He made these mountains and they make me happy.

So maybe I'm feeling pretty good.


Oct. 20th, 2010 07:46 pm
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Acupuncture seems to be working!  Hurt much less.

Rode again!  YAyayayayyayay!  I got to ride Case, and he was such a good boy by Case standards!  He trotted around corners when asked and did not eat the ponies.  So good to see him again- I gave him so many hugs.

When I was small, I used to divide my brain up into lots of little people who ran my personality.  Have a sampling of their thoughts on the Avengers cartoon deal.

Into Lou's Head! )

Into Lou's Head! )
I hope you have all learned something valuable.  Now outta my head.

Also, doing schoolwork, blah blah blah.  Some kids at school and I might have a LoTR marathon.  Tai brought us a portion of squirrel to share.

Very Cool

Sep. 1st, 2010 03:51 pm
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North Carolina is "Brentaal IV," which sounds nice enough.  Very pretty thing to look at, isn't it?

I picked up Avengers:Children's Crusade #2 today- highly entertaining.

Also my blasted kidneys are acting up. 
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Over the past year or so, I have been forced to confront an unpleasant truth.

I am a shipper.

Now, I hope I'm not one of those crazy shippers, the ones who scream about how Zutara is canon and Kataang is evil, the ones who refuse to consider that their character ever had eyes for anyone but that one guy they brushed against in Episode Three, the ones who can squee at a level known to deafen dogs.  (My squees merely deafen siblings)

But I'm a shipper.  Sad.  But true.  I'm sorry.

So, now, in honor of finally admitting that fact, that old meme I did awhile back.  Ten ships.  The whys.  Any patterns.

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Dear forum on the internets
I hate you so very much
I think that I would slap your face
If only we could touch
We share no taste in characters
You will not play by rules
You're inhabited by idiots
And run by perfect fools
If it ends in an -ism, I'm
Afraid you've got it by the ton
Your discussions are all arguments
Your games they are not fun
Using "fanboy" as an insult
They mean the ones like you
I never used to do that
But I think I might start too.
I don't think you'd know good writing
If it bit you up the rear
You express delight in trolling
With sick grins from ear to ear
You scorn my favorite character
Did I mention that above?
But then you scorn everything
That anybody loves.
I really, truly hate you,
Forum on the internets
But I think I see new posts
And so I cannot leave you yet.
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There's a meme somewhere out there where you describe fandoms like romantic interests.  It makes a certain amount of sense.  Star Wars is the solid but exciting love-of-your-life, Avatar is that childhood crush who still makes you tingly inside now that you're both older and still hang out together, and comics is...  the relationship between me and comics is similar, I think, to the relationship between me and football.  It's a deadbeat idiot who can't do anything right, and then it's on my front step with a dozen roses and an apology. 

(In related news, PANTHERS FINALLY WON).

DC is the friendlier idiot who still has his problems.  Marvel is downright bad for me and yet somehow alluring.  I keep them at arm's length. 
Lately, Green Lantern has been bringing me a LOT of flowers, most of which smell like zombie.  There we go.  I finally got to the actual point of this post, which is Green Lantern, which is addictive and interesting and apparently the best it's been in years, though I only got into comics like six months ago.  The major players are Hal, who is handsome and moral and egotistic; Kyle, who came onboard when Hal was infected by Giant Yellow Fear Bug From Outer Space-itis and is young and artistic; Guy, who is obnoxious and innappropriate and very sweet when you get to know him but only to about two people and is my favorite; and John, who was on Justice League Unlimited.  John is my second favorite because he is the only one who ever seems to follow the rules.

Currently they are fighting Evil Outer Space Zombies, including Kyle's army of killed-off girlfriends, an entire planet John couldn't save, John's dead wife Katma, and Ch'p The Zombie Space Squirrel.  That really sums up a lot about comics right there.

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Random things going on in my life.

1. I love my school.  Seriously.  It is sometimes a bittersweet love (everyone there is JUST as f***ed up as I am!) but it is love.
2. I feel guilty, because a lot of people there have problems like dead relatives and drugs and abuse and are happy and sociable and all I've got is some messed up neurons and I keep hiding under tables.
3. Dear Person On Internet: STFU!  Thank you.
8. Shall instead throw my energy into Star Wars!  Yay!  Fun and nonhurty!
9.  Shall stay FAR away from Anakin.

Yes. Well.

Sep. 22nd, 2009 01:55 pm
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True nerdity...

Is going on FFRants, and realizing that not only can you immediately guess the characters and fandom, but you read the fic last night.

Meme Time!

Aug. 24th, 2009 01:21 pm
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Dad says Luke's doing better!


Fun With Memes! )
Edited for HTML fail.
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I love my school.

I share my fourth block (Honors Genocide and Human Nature) with the Psychology students (about four of us are in my class, the rest psychology or Civics & Economics).  We're an interesting and politically opinionated bunch, and we get into many fascinating discussions.  The teacher's a first year teacher but probably the best first year teacher I've ever had- she's awesome.

The Psychology curriculum includes a project on Yoga, Meditation, and Acupuncture, and I assume as a result of that, today we went down to the modular classroom and got out some mats and did yoga.

It was fun.

Also I finally, finally, finally got a new chapter of "Searching" out, so I'm proud of myself.
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Good news: Beach!  Yay!  It's gorgeous down here, if a bit too cold to swim. 

Bad news:  I, yet again, have suffered The Return Of The Mysterious Coughing/Headache/Sore Throat.  This is the third time now that it has come back.  I am not amused.

Pre-illness, the drive down on Thursday was nice.  We listened to country music most of the way, and I was forced to admit that over the top patriotic songs about how "This Is America" and such are now a guilty pleasure of mine.  Not as much as "I Wanna Check You For Ticks," however.  That song (whatever it's actually called) is a class all by itself.  It revolves around a country boy using that sentiment as a pick up line in a bar.  Deeply romantic.

My aunt (the Zutara shipper) and I should be able to resume watching Avatar soon.  I'm looking forward to showing her the second season.  It remains one of the best things I've ever watched on TV, and has a lovely Shirtless Zuko Quotient.

Which brings me to another rambling point- why do I fangirl?  And, more specifically, why do I seem to fangirl only animated/drawn characters?  I mean, it started with me insisting that I just liked Zuko for his character, but Season Three and the Beach Episode of Doom put a bit of an end to that.  Now one of my major online hobbies is watching other people fangirl Nightwing.  I am growing concerned.

Anyway, world, Happy Almost-Easter!


Mar. 20th, 2009 03:36 pm
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And my mom is going up to the mountains without me...  *Sobs*  She's leaving me with two siblings and dad to be the Only Person  In The House Who Can Prepare Food. 

In other news, the weather is now becoming jacket-less, which is nice.  First day of spring!  This is really the most beautiful time of the year around here.  All the dogwoods flower and everyone's lawns fill up with wildflowers except for those of most of our neighbors, people who engage in an odd practice known as "weeding".  We have a baby magnolia in the back yard and it might flower this year, which would be nice, particularly since it a few months ago survived having half of our old dogwood land on it.

And then it will reach 80 degrees Farenheit, and then 90, and then it'll be June and over 100 and I'll begin plotting to move up North. 

And then I'll remember that the beaches up there aren't as nice as Holden, and I'll change my mind.  I've only been to a couple beaches up there, thought- Cape Cod once, which was freezing cold and completely packed and overall Not A Destination I Recommend, though the hotel had about twenty cats and was awesome.  And a couple in state parks in Maine, which were not, as the tourist pictures had indicated, covered with baby seals, and then to one in Nova Scotia.  That one was best, because we were the only people there.

But none of them came close to Holden.  To be fair, none of the other Southern beaches come close to Holden Beach, either.  Myrtle Beach is tacky and packed, the Outer Banks are very nice but aren't really a place to just play in the water.

Holden is perfection.  No high rises- just family beach houses.    Holden is the sea turtle nests, and the three ice cream stores, and the Big Bridge that's still the biggest thing in the world.  It makes me want to spout out poetic purple prose about delicately twisting golden fronds of sea grass clinging to life forsaken on the guardian dunes.

The house there ithat we visit s my grandparents', and we go for Easter and Summer and Labor Day and...  yeah.

I'm actually looking forward to summer now.

Bring on the sweltering!  I've got my melodramatic descriptions!


Mar. 11th, 2009 03:45 pm
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I'm not supposed to have spring allergies!  Just fall ones!  Certainly not so bad I have to come home from school!


On the plus side, this means more time for writing, and I need to put up a chapter of my WIP, but I can't write.

My head hurts.

On a lighter note, I may have saved a lizard's life today.  From my cat.  He was chewing on it and playing with it and I made him stop.  I know he's a carnivore, I know he hunts and leaves us little presents- but I'm not going to let him do it right in front of me.
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So.  This is having a livejournal.  I think I like it. 

I shall set my tone and first impression at this new site by telling A Random Cat Story. 

(Yes, I know, I only tell these because I like to hear myself talk.  But people have actually laughed at this one.  Not all of them were related to me.)

My cat's name is Tai.  He's a Siamese, and he's loud, large, and opinionated.  When we first got him, before he was allowed outside, one of his major hobbies was Sock Destroying.  He found them lying around, and he chewed them.  He also at one point got ahold of my favorite sweater, but, see, that story isn't funny.  This one hopefully is.

One weekend, my family takes off to drive up to the Appalachians and ski (I love this state...  Beach in summer, skiing in winter, all within a day's drive.), and, of course, we leave the cat at home.   He's never very pleased about this, but he isn't exactly going to like driving two and a half hours and then being left in a Days Inn or whatever the equivalent of that is that would allow a large destructive cat. 

Our problem is, we also, in the process of getting all the winter stuff out of the closet (this being North Carolina, we use the winter stuff once a year, but by golly if we ever have a blizzard here, we are going to be prepared), we left a single glove lying on the floor.

I can only assume Tai was thrilled.

So, we come home, unpack the minivan, laugh and brag about who went down the bunny slope the fastest- and mom and dad find something in their room.

It's a single black glove.

With every finger but the middle finger chewed off.


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