Jun. 13th, 2011 01:21 pm
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 I am pleased to announce that as of today, I have just graduated as valedictorian from the PLC of Charlotte.

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I have been on two dates in my life.  Both of them were with the same guy.  The scenario went along these lines:

Interfering busibodies: Elizabeth and Boy chat a lot!  They both are loners!  They both read!  Let's not leave them alone until they agree to date each other!  We'll make them so happy!   WE R SMRT!

Me: *bangs head against wall*

Beginnings of a beautiful friendship: *is ruined*

That being said, I have crushes on guys quite a bit.  Mostly of the completely hopeless variety.  During the Dark Times, during the High School, that pretty much went kaplooie as my hormones focused on other things such as joining the rest of my brain in going completely insane, but nowadays they appear to be active with a vengeance.

The two major objects of my affection shall be referred to as Cute Comic Book Store Guy and Awesome Guy At School.  And it looks like Embarassing Situations is gearing up to make up for the lost years.  I made an actually Freudian slip in front of Guy At School.  I didn't realize people really made those.  I swear I actually blushed. 

And, of course, in December I will have to walk up to Cute Comic Guy and purchase this (http://dcu.blog.dccomics.com/files/2009/09/boog-cv27450_cmyk.jpg ) lovely cover from him.  (Yes, I must.  I NEED this issue, badly.  It features three of my very favorite characters, and one of them is a zombie).

So, yeah.  Love life is at a high it has not approached in years!

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No, seriously.

I understand completely that the books kind of suck.  They do.  Edward is NOT a romantic figure, Bella is a hideous role model, and while there are parts of them that are excellent, most of it's kind of drawn down into a sea of mediocrety ruined by the aforementioned problem of the lead couple.

<s>Also they make me warm and fuzzy inside.</s>

But whenever I see distinct hate, not for the books but for the phenomenon, for the very idea that someone could like the books- I feel a little leery about joining in.


Let's go back to Portal To Conformity High School, NC.  A science classroom, home of the teacher who not only has at home a python named Padme, but who brought his bearded dragon to class.  Home of the fish I am in charge of feeding, who I am as afraid to get attached to as everything else because they keep dying just after I name them.  But they recognize me now, and swim to the top of the tank for food.

I sit at my desk.  I share it with someone whose name I can never remember.  Across from me are a few pretty, popular, fashionable girls who have it all together but who I can't really hate because they're nice people in spite of the the fatal flaw of being everything I've given up on. 

One of them is reading New Moon, or maybe Eclipse.  "This is SO good," she says. 

I agree.

So does every other girl within earshot.  The girl reading and her friend smile at me.  "Aren't they GREAT?"

"I LOVE them," I say, because at that point I do.

"I mean," she says, "I haven't enjoyed a book since I was like, two, and I CANNOT put these down."

So there you have it.  I can't hate anything that does that.  I care too passionately about literacy.

That being said, if any of y'all out there want a GOOD vampire story- no boarding schools, no sparkling, and a heroine who's actually flawed and relatable, I recommend Robin McKinley's Sunshine.  I can barely look at vampires anymore since they've taken over everything (House of Night, you I can actively dislike), but I still love this novel.  It influenced a lot of my loves in writing- dystopias, fantasy, even the little characters being interesting- and yeah.  READ IT.
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So, yeah.  I have been behind in math.  Behind behind.  Like, been taking the class since August when it's supposed to last two or three months, and still not done.  I have procrastinated, I have failed, I have screamed in frustration- and upon learning about how much I still had to do I may or may not have hidden in a little ball and sobbed louder than the two month old Neighbor Baby. 

Because yeah, I was bleeping stressed.  I've made a lot of progress this year- I've got friends- with an s on the end!  Multiple friends!- I had a birthday party, I got over 200 reviews on Crashing in Time, I finished about a tenth of NaNoWriMo and I finally began to figure out foreshortening in my art-  but a large part of my mind still firmly believes that if I fail a school class, I could find the Holy Grail and it still wouldn't be enough to <s>not disappoint my father</s> have a non wasted year.  If I couldn't pass a class, I might as well be back in Hellhole On Earth Senior High.

But I am not.  I am at Run By Angels On This Green Earth BEST SCHOOL EVER, and according to my math teacher who is INCREDIBLE and PATIENT and has the FORGIVENESS OF A SAINT, I have done enough work to pass.

I am seriously jumping for joy.  Well, actually, I am writing an essay for Honors Genocide And Human Nature (yes I AM, mom, don't worry...), but that is now my ONLY class besides Medieval History (which is online) that I still have huge amounts of work in.  And not actually that huge.  They seemed huge this morning, but that was before I did most of them.

In other news:  Dear Section of My Brain That I Do Not Control, I do not know what possessed you to think that licking the fern would solve all of my problems.  The timing was coincidental.  And it did not taste very good, either.

But seriously?

Thank you, Ms DeLong!  Thank you, mom and daddy!  Thank you, Jesus!
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Praise be to the Lord!  Glory!  Yay!  And other expressions of glee!

Because I have finished my stock market project.  And sure, it came out with a net loss of over $4000, but (a) it's not real money, just a project and (b) I HAVE FINISHED IT!

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I love my school.

I share my fourth block (Honors Genocide and Human Nature) with the Psychology students (about four of us are in my class, the rest psychology or Civics & Economics).  We're an interesting and politically opinionated bunch, and we get into many fascinating discussions.  The teacher's a first year teacher but probably the best first year teacher I've ever had- she's awesome.

The Psychology curriculum includes a project on Yoga, Meditation, and Acupuncture, and I assume as a result of that, today we went down to the modular classroom and got out some mats and did yoga.

It was fun.

Also I finally, finally, finally got a new chapter of "Searching" out, so I'm proud of myself.


Apr. 13th, 2009 07:07 pm
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HaHaHaHaHa, for I have finished the project on Local Government!

Tremble before me, schoolwork!

Today I wrote a Batman fanfic that I might actually share with other people.  I've found a third fandom.  Please, somebody, snap me out of it.  It says something when SW is your sane fandom, okay?  At least the ship wars in it are pretty much over with!  (ATLA fandom could learn something.  When it's over, it's over.  Write fanfic, dream, AUs, all sorts of fun- I'll read and love it- but for the love of God please stop fighting already!)

In happy links, I command you to look at the leopard kittens!

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I just finished a short report on Midieval castles and cathedrals (and managed to shoehorn Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley in even if they weren't quite midieval), and soon I shall leave for therapy, after which- THE BEACH!

Also, the Easter Bunny should be bringing me my season of JLI come Sunday, so that'll be good.  Yesterday I shopped for Easter dresses, with interesting results. 

There were the typical number of "your father will never let you out of the house in that" choices, all of which I inevitably liked and which inevitably looked nice on me, but which my mom inevitably commanded me to return to the hangers.  The one I finally chose is purple and black and white, and twirly.  It also has a HAT.  I love my HAT.  I am writing of the HAT in capital letters because I...  I really have no clue why.  I just am. 

I scare myself when I'm happy.


Anyway, I also tried on the Most Definitely Not An Easter Dress.  It was short, and black, and fringe covered.  I felt like I was looking at a version of myself from a parallel reality.  Because of course I was.  In that dress, I am fairly sure that if i went to a club or a party with the people at my school, I would be described in their peculiar vernacular as "hotass" and I'd dance and maybe I'd actually get a guy.

But if I went to a party or a club I'd end up in a fetal position with my face to a corner willing all the people to please go away.  And the dress was not designed for that.

So I shall wear my twirly Easter dress, and the HAT, and the Bikini Designed Only For Practical Purposes if it's actually warm enough to swim, and I'll sit on the magical little corner of my bed that features wireless.

But hey- we're going to the beach!  To Holden, more specifically, which is beautiful and perfect and has egrets and deer and sea turtles.  I can eat deviled crab and key lime pie, and sing about how Christ is Risen Today at the little church.

I don't really want to ask for more.
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To graduate, people in my district have to do this project.  They seem to change the name from Senior Exit Project to Graduation Project and back again every five seconds, but, regardless, I am fully in favor of the idea.  In theory.  And so, because I Firmly Support This Sort of Education, I am trying to do my best on mine, which has the added bonus of being due in two years so my mind refuses to recognize that there is in any way a deadline.

What I'm doing mine on is webcomics (sort of, it goes into more detail), both because I feel that they as a medium that needs more respect and because this gives me an excuse for the next two years to read them in class.  For the practical part of the project, I'm drawing a webcomic, which in two years or so I'll actually put up on the web assuming by that point I haven't changed topics completely/grown to hate it.

But for right now, the planning stages, it's fun.  I spent a lot of the day drawing out and planning some of the characters.  I'm trying to get the whole Uncanny Valley thing going with one of them, which is tricky with pencil-on-printing-paper.  Still, it's starting to creep me out a little, so I'm happy.

Seriously, I love designing characters.  It's so much fun.  Of course, I tend to go overboard and end up with complete Mary Sues who then need to be toned down for public consumption- but I like to think I'm getting better about that.  These characters now have personality flaws from the get go.


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