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Over the past year or so, I have been forced to confront an unpleasant truth.

I am a shipper.

Now, I hope I'm not one of those crazy shippers, the ones who scream about how Zutara is canon and Kataang is evil, the ones who refuse to consider that their character ever had eyes for anyone but that one guy they brushed against in Episode Three, the ones who can squee at a level known to deafen dogs.  (My squees merely deafen siblings)

But I'm a shipper.  Sad.  But true.  I'm sorry.

So, now, in honor of finally admitting that fact, that old meme I did awhile back.  Ten ships.  The whys.  Any patterns.

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Microfic thing: In ten words or less, write a thing for each genre.  Went with Star Wars, of course.


He could never see her face- just the flashing blue blades.


"I am your brother," he said, with a dark smile.


"Bring Your Child To Work Day," Vader read, and growled.


Well, my ship's still shinier, thought Kirk, who remained annoyed.


The twin suns on her hair- Luke alive- death could come.


"Snookums? Babycakes, maybe?" said Anakin, and Padme fell over laughing.


Obi-Wan suddenly blanched.  They'd left Luke on the Death Star.


"Ben lied," said Lukeunit, and Artoo gently nudged his knee.


"You... pirate!"  "You say that like it's a bad thing."
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As always, shamelessly stolen from one of the twenty billion or so fic authors whose journals I stalk.

Take twenty pairings, (or characters, because I don't think I HAVE twenty pairings), and twenty Shuffled songs.  Compare.

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div style="padding:16px;border:4px double #fff;text-align:center;background:#ada;color:#000">In 2009, siamesa resolves to...
Drink four glasses of avatar every day. Go to fanfiction every Sunday. Go to the davidson wildcats every month. Find a new siamesa. Connect with my inner mmattiacci. Lose ten carolina panthers by March.  
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
Hmmm...  No, that might be painful but I shall try, YESYESYES except that basketball season only lasts so long, huh?, I shall try, and THAT should not be a problem at all.  We'll probably be dumping even more. And for another...
On the twelfth day of Christmas, siamesa sent to me...
Twelve comics drumming
Eleven dave barrys piping
Ten green lanterns a-leaping
Nine kittens dancing
Eight mmattiaccis a-milking
Seven siamesas a-reading
Six l_a_s_o_s a-writing
Five albu-u-u-umsonthesides
Four davidson wildcats
Three carolina panthers
Two star wars
...and a fanfiction in a country.
Get your own Twelve Days:
There weren't enough friends/interests for the first four, so I filled them in myself.

Meme Time!

Aug. 24th, 2009 01:21 pm
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Dad says Luke's doing better!


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Name your 10 absolutely favorite couples (het/slash/canon/fanon) and ask people to see what trends they notice about your couples. Try to pick different fandoms:


Han/Leia, Star Wars.  My OTP beyond all other OTPs, and the only thing I will admit to shipping around casual aquaintances.

Toph/Sokka, Avatar.  This starts the chain of Ships I Got Into Because of Other People.  In this case, I never considered the ship until I started lurking around Avatar message boards, and after that it grabbed me.  Toph is tough and cool and Sokka is oblivious, and it is just close enough to canon that I retain my dignity.

Batman/Catwoman, DC Comics.  Because the fanfic for it is beautiful beyond all reason.  Not so much the stuff in the comics, but I can live with that.

Elizabeth I/Robert Dudley, real life.  Looking back, I think this might be the first thing I ever shipped, because I was a seven year old who felt everything needed True Love.  And, now, because it's incredibly layered and interesting and tragic and a great reflection of just what life and love were like in the 1500s (namely, they sort of sucked.).

Booster Gold/(Ted Kord)Blue Beetle, DC Comics.  The only slash pairing on the list.  But, dang it, there's maybe three gen fics about them for every fifty slash, and they're absolutely adorable together in any format.

And now we get to the Pairings I Like But Aren't Binding, because there have to be ten...

Zuko/Mai, Avatar.  Theirloveissoscowly!

Firestar/Sandstorm, Warrior Cats.  I think this relationship singlehandedly kept Firestar's Gary Stu tendencies from swallowing the story whole.

Trixie/Jim, the Trixie Belden books.  Another early ship.  It's like Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson, but with personality!

Bambi/Feline or however you spell it, Disney.  Because that movie dominated my childhood.

Anakin/Padme, Star Wars.  That or Anakin/Padme/Angst.  I'm flexible.

Anne/Gilbert, Anne of Green Gables.  I can reread the approximately three paragraphs where they don't hate each other over and over again.
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I yelled at my little brother.  I know I shouldn't.  He's really an awesome little guy, and we always get along, and I was being very immature.

But I yelled at my little brother and I don't completely feel that I was in the wrong and I'm still angry- so I shall do something formulaic to calm myself down.  In this instance, that fun thing where you take a sentence from each of your WIPS.  So here are sentences from all of my fanfic WIPS (minus Searching, which is spread out over too many flash drives for me to hunt down right now).

It was methodical.  I am calmer.  Next, I shall make internet dolls.

WIP bits


  1. But Dick was the well adjusted optimist of the Bat Family.
  2. Let’s just get this out of the way with a simple statement: I am not a very tactful person.
  3. So true Bad Things- they couldn’t really exist.
  4. Darth Vader recognized little of what was going on until he landed painfully. 
  5. The Rebellion had found her mangled body in a in a bacta tank, just another piece of waste from a destroyed station.
  6. Like most of his sentences, it concerned money.
  7. You didn’t walk around in this village with the name of the Fire Nation’s little force of destruction.
  8. Last night she’d dreamed almost exclusively of scalloped shadows and broken ropes, and while it beat slightly the recurring dream of Beast Boy with Cyborg’s head singing show tunes, it was not a pleasant dream. 
  9.  “We shall test this device on Calrissian.”
  10.  “You spice-addled fool, he’s still on the Death Star.”
  11. “It’s a long story. Listen, I’m trapped in the middle of a swamp, so could you please-”
Hm.  All of them from the end of the alphabet were dialogue.  Some of them desperately need editing.  Some of them are from fics that will never, never, never see the light of day.  And a couple of my favorites are trapped behind severe writer's block.

But I am calming down.


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