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Some are serious, some aren't.  Be forwarned that I have taken my nighttime meds and am perhaps not entirely in sound mind.

Writing!  Writing writing writing so much fun.  I have a Star Wars short thing almost done.  Do not actually know where I will post it as I have completly forgotten all my details, and also if I log in I will feel compelled to fix all the brokeness in Crashing In Time's formatting and I'm not sure I can do that.

I have come to the conclusion that the reason I adore Billy Kaplan is that he is essentially Luke Skywalker.

Please take the above conclusion with several grains of salt.

I have come to the less pleasant conclusion that Something Needs To Be Done about our justice system, and also that there's very little effect I, personally, can have on that situation.  This leads into various depressing thoughts about whether I can actually do anything with my life what with my inability to engage in meaningful social interaction without panic attack. Is my current goal really archaeology?  Is that feasible?  Can I do that, even, be a grad student and do the grunt work and travel to various locations and probably have to use public restrooms?  And even if I can, is it kind of selfish?

Also it is my twenty-five-billionth career goal this year alone, so, you know.

I like drawing almost as much as writing.  I am making interpretations of all the Guild Wars armors and when I get Flash for Christmas I will make dress up games.  I have been reading tutorials.

Didn't I write this long drawn out comparison between the Skywalker, Bat, Maximoff-etc, and Fire Nation Royal families?  I should find and post that sometime.

Someone a few rooms over is watching movies. 

And I should probably go to bed.
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 We've been up at the cabin most of the last few weeks, so not much in the way of internet.  I'll try to catch up with y'all as soon as I can, but right now I'm just in the library for a few minutes.

-Got myself psyched up to take my driver's test only to discover the office is closed on Tuesdays.
-Have broken up with DC, am having attachment-less one night stand with Marvel.
-College in three weeks!  So nervous.
-Won Mass Effect, 2/3rds of way through Mass Effect 2.  Romancing Garrus.

That's about it for now.  Hopefully talk to every one soon.
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I'm beginning a very busy summer season, including my first attempt at leaving home without the parents in years (an important skill, seeing as I'm leaving for college in August) coming up in a couple of weeks.

Over last few days we went to a Lawyer Conference with Daddy at a very very nice hotel.  I love high-end hotels, and they are something I will miss once I move out into the real world.  Staying in the fantasy world for now, however, we also went through a tiny town in West Virginia where I discovered my latest Dream Home, a big historic colonial mansion in the mountains right across from a Historic Memorial.  I also added a nearby restaurant as one of only two outside-of-NC locations on my internal List of Places With Decent Barbecue.

On the nerddom front, my disappointment that Green Lantern apparently wasn't very good (I will have to rent it once it comes on DVD and decide for myself, as reviews suggest it's not worth enduring a theater for) is somewhat tempered by the happy fact that X-Men First Class caaused a nice fic explosion for one of my favorite pairings.

Speaking of fic: I have a shaping up to be epic that I believe there will be decent interest in.  However: I was bitten by the plot bunny for it while reading someone else's drabble.  My fic has a different backstory, is in a different 'verse, and for the most part stars different characters, but the general inspiration-type-thing is the same- though it's an AU-setting that others have used as well and that I've worked to have a unique take on.  While I know the drabble author's name, I've never interacted with them and am not sure if they're still fandom-active. 

What is the etiquette for this situation?
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Over the past year or so, I have been forced to confront an unpleasant truth.

I am a shipper.

Now, I hope I'm not one of those crazy shippers, the ones who scream about how Zutara is canon and Kataang is evil, the ones who refuse to consider that their character ever had eyes for anyone but that one guy they brushed against in Episode Three, the ones who can squee at a level known to deafen dogs.  (My squees merely deafen siblings)

But I'm a shipper.  Sad.  But true.  I'm sorry.

So, now, in honor of finally admitting that fact, that old meme I did awhile back.  Ten ships.  The whys.  Any patterns.

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Aug. 4th, 2010 05:31 pm
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 First of all- I'm at the beach!  Yayayayay!  Great to be here, even if the number of people in the house is a little bit nervewracking. 

And more notes...

I do not like your fanfic.  I do not understand your total hate-on for a perfectly good character and a perfectly good ship.  I do not understand why you spite your own readers.  I do not understand your OOC behavior, your logic fail, or your insistance that you are right and everyone else is wrong.  I do not like you.

And what I like even less is that you write for the canon.


I have two new swimsuits!  They are very very pretty.


I have a half-formed thingy on the Lars family that I hope to post within the week.  


And that about sums it up, I think.
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Dear forum on the internets
I hate you so very much
I think that I would slap your face
If only we could touch
We share no taste in characters
You will not play by rules
You're inhabited by idiots
And run by perfect fools
If it ends in an -ism, I'm
Afraid you've got it by the ton
Your discussions are all arguments
Your games they are not fun
Using "fanboy" as an insult
They mean the ones like you
I never used to do that
But I think I might start too.
I don't think you'd know good writing
If it bit you up the rear
You express delight in trolling
With sick grins from ear to ear
You scorn my favorite character
Did I mention that above?
But then you scorn everything
That anybody loves.
I really, truly hate you,
Forum on the internets
But I think I see new posts
And so I cannot leave you yet.
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Yeah, yeah, I will get to those essays.  This is just a different meta thing that popped dramtically into my brain.  My standards for heroes and villains, and how they differ.  Namely: who I root for.  (Besides the Davidson Wildcats)

I began thinking about this when I realized how little sense it makes that my favorite Marvel character is an occasionally genocidal, often fairly insane supervillain, and yet I want to see Scott Summers and this trophy girlfriend they're claiming is Emma Frost die horribly in magma, preferably on-panel.  This is a bit of a turnaround for me, fandomwise.  Generally I root for the heroes.  They're the heroes, after all.  The villains are the villains.  I understand that.

And maybe that's the issue.  I have low standards for my villains.  I do not expect to see Darth Vader cuddle puppies, and that is part of what makes it such a heartwarming moment when he won't let the Emperor kill Luke.  For anyone else in the cast, this would be  a no-brainer- leaving it for as long as Vader did would in fact make them less of heroes.  On the other hand, I fully expect Luke to try to save his father- it's why he's such a wonderful, selfless, desperate for a family again guy.  (Side note: I've got it in my head that out on Tatooine, being a lawless desert full of little farms, family is everything, sort of like out in the country.  When Luke loses Owen and Beru, he literally has nothing left, and so he of course easily clings to Obi-Wan, Leia, and even Han.  But that is a half-formed story for another time.)  When Cyclops, who I'm apparently supposed to hold up as the hero, is shacking up with his mistress and I'm supposed to believe it's a Love Story For the Ages, I draw some lines.  I could totally get behind Scott and Emma as a messed up relationship between messed up people- that's the sort of paring I like.  But when it's presented as the second coming of Scott and Jean, I can't get behind that.  It doesn't click for me.  It actively annoys me.

(Of course, Marvel also apparently expects me to believe that trading your marriage to the devil for your dead aunt (who had ALREADY reached Her Time, and as a Presbyterian, I can respect reaching One's Time) is a perfectly selfless, heroic act that will have no negative consequences whatsoever, and men are "more interesting" without wives or women, and- okay, that's another rant for another day...)

Also, dear idiot fanboys on the message board I should not visit, feminism is not evil.  I'm sorry you live in your mom's basment and can't get laid.  Don't take it out on us.
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Alright, so I'm throwing a little bit of a hissy fit that some random people online clearly don't GET a character like I do, and then I realize I'm being a little bit ridiculous.

Okay, maybe a lot.

So I have decided something.  I am going to be writing a series of short essays on my favorite messed up families in my fandoms, because I always seem to have one of those that I favorite, and I am going to cheer myself up.
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Good, nay, GREAT:
I'm riding again!  I'm riding again! Yippee yi yay, I'm riding again!  Yahooooo!  Feels so great to be back on a horse.  This one's name is Ellie Mae, she's chestnut and sweet and wonderful.

Also good:
Had a wonderful time in the mountains.  I've discovered that really, all my siblings need to get along is the presence of one of the two Cousins Around Our Ages.  I'm fairly sure that Bonus Cousin calms us all down as well, but truly adorable babies have a way of doing that.  (I got to HOLD her!)

Not so good:
Why is it that in fandom, "you're a girl, your opinion doesn't matter" and "feminism=THEEBIL" still seem to be valid views?  Forgive me for stooping to their level, but is it because they're stuck in kindergarten?  Is it because they never get laid?* Is it because my grammar intimidates them?  I don't know.  I do know that there's a reason us fangirls run in packs, and I'm sticking close to mine, I think.

And to round off with good: Have finally installed Photoshop on this computer!  Perhaps, someday, I'll even make some icons that aren't that lovely hippo.


(*Says the 16 year old who's never been kissed)


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