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Forgotten what's it's like to be part of an ongoing fandom, I mean.  To be sincerely worried about whether my favorite characters will live, and not be able to just check online to see what happened.  To have to WAIT. 

I think I must have forgotten how involved I got in Avatar.  Screaming at the TV when Zuko did something especially boneheaded.  Pinned to my chair with fear as a character lay dying.  Inability to sit still during the theme song.  And sure, I didn't exactly have a life back then, but I don't exactly have a life now either.

Feeling an urge to write, of all things, FIX FIC. 

I'm going to go do Star Wars stuff.  Star Wars had a happy ending more than twenty years ago.  Star Wars is my type of fandom.
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All I'm saying, dear sister, is this.  If I had arachnophobia, you would not leave my stuff in the cage of a pet tarantula.  If I had claustrophobia, you would not leave it in a tiny cave.

So, please, if I'm ever nice enough to let you borrow my iPod charger again DO NOT LEAVE IT IN YOUR SUITCASE WITH ALL YOUR STUFF UNCLEAN UNCLEAN

Yeah.  I'm not doing so hot today.
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In less than a month, I will be sixteen.  Sixteen.  I am still trying to adjust to this.  When I was seven, I watched cartoons and read lengthy books on the Tudor dynasty.  Now that I am fifteen, I still watch cartoons and read lengthy books on the Tudor dynasty.  My mindset hasn't really changed that much beyond the problems, and it works well.  I still have imaginary friends, now I write them down. 

Soon I will possibly have a driver's liscense, and in preparation, I have been driving to school.  Mom rides with me, obviously, but I and my little permit drive.  I am getting better at it. 

I'm scared stiff.
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I wrote a MST.

Confound it all, I broke down and wrote a MST.

I'm not sure what to do with it. I just knew that by golly that  story with that Mary Sue annoyed me, and I wanted to rip into it, and so I did.

The MST is not here, by the way.  It's in a flash drive in my bookbag until I figure out what in the world I'm going to do with it.  Because, quite honestly, well, there was a period where if someone had taken my writing (a lot of which seriously deserved it) and ripped it into shreds and shared it with the internet, I would've gone nuts and had a crying jag and probably failed several tests.  I recognize, at this point in my life, there were things wrong with me, even more than there are now, and not everyone acts that way, and most people are mature enough to respond to something like that in a less self destructive way.

But the fact remains that I have a MST and no clue what to do with it other than... well, write more.  On the plus side, it was very nice to vent.
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A very long time ago, I joined a fandom.  It was called Avatar, and it was good.
I began to wite fanfic.  It contained Mary Sues, and it was not as good.
I did not share it.

Over a year ago now, I joined another fandom.  It was called Star Wars, and it, too, was good.
I began to read fanfiction.  Most of it was good. 

Some of it was great.  Really great.  Some of it was time travel- and lo, did come the plot bunnies.

And I began to write.  And it became a hundred pages long, and it took over my mind and my life, and I wondered whether or not to do it again.

And lo, did the plot bunnies stampede, until the ground was darkened as in Night of the Lepus.

And in both of these fandoms, I had a 'ship, and they were good, though I could not write them. 

And then...

Alright, pretentious prose aside, I've mentioned earlier that I am beginning to be drawn into DC Comics fandom.  Like most of my fandoms, this was not my idea.  It just sort of happened.

And, well...  And lo, did come the plot bunnies.

And the ships.  Good heavens, and lo, did come the ships.  It started with BatCat, which I could deal with only by completely ignoring everything besides fanfictions because you do not get attached to relationships in comics.  This was quite easy, as comics cost quite a bit anyway and the store is located across the Intersection of Doom.

Now, one thing I try to do to preserve my sanity is ship canon.  It started with Han/Leia, a very safe ship in which all the loose ends were cleared up ten years or so before my birth and which has the added benefit of very few people disliking it.  These people are clearly insane and are very easy to ignore.

Then came Tokka.  This is Toph/Sokka, for those not familiar with Avatar (Aunt Mary, stop reading this, or you will get spoilers and you do not want those, do you?) 

Is Aunt Mary gone?

Alright, then, Toph has a fairly blatant crush on Sokka, but Sokka is fairly clearly involved with, well, most other females in the show it seems like.  He finally ends up with one, and it is not Toph.  But I could easily convince myself that I just liked the canon crush, and so spare myself from useless heartache.

BatCat is kept strictly to fanfiction in order to save on money and sanity.

Now, the thing about these ships is they all either are canon, were canon, are partially canon, or are canon about 50% of the time depending on the writer.

But now I have stepped into dangerous waters.

I have become attached to a noncanon pairing.  I have become attached to a noncanon pairing that is slash and will never, ever, happen. 

Why do I keep doing this to myself?
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I yelled at my little brother.  I know I shouldn't.  He's really an awesome little guy, and we always get along, and I was being very immature.

But I yelled at my little brother and I don't completely feel that I was in the wrong and I'm still angry- so I shall do something formulaic to calm myself down.  In this instance, that fun thing where you take a sentence from each of your WIPS.  So here are sentences from all of my fanfic WIPS (minus Searching, which is spread out over too many flash drives for me to hunt down right now).

It was methodical.  I am calmer.  Next, I shall make internet dolls.

WIP bits


  1. But Dick was the well adjusted optimist of the Bat Family.
  2. Let’s just get this out of the way with a simple statement: I am not a very tactful person.
  3. So true Bad Things- they couldn’t really exist.
  4. Darth Vader recognized little of what was going on until he landed painfully. 
  5. The Rebellion had found her mangled body in a in a bacta tank, just another piece of waste from a destroyed station.
  6. Like most of his sentences, it concerned money.
  7. You didn’t walk around in this village with the name of the Fire Nation’s little force of destruction.
  8. Last night she’d dreamed almost exclusively of scalloped shadows and broken ropes, and while it beat slightly the recurring dream of Beast Boy with Cyborg’s head singing show tunes, it was not a pleasant dream. 
  9.  “We shall test this device on Calrissian.”
  10.  “You spice-addled fool, he’s still on the Death Star.”
  11. “It’s a long story. Listen, I’m trapped in the middle of a swamp, so could you please-”
Hm.  All of them from the end of the alphabet were dialogue.  Some of them desperately need editing.  Some of them are from fics that will never, never, never see the light of day.  And a couple of my favorites are trapped behind severe writer's block.

But I am calming down.
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Why can I not be mean to people?

It's not that I want to be mean, per se.  I dealt with enough people who never even considered the feelings of others for far too long.  But surely not everyone is as hyper sensitive as I am?

Maybe, just maybe, I could manage to tell someone that "your fic makes my eyes bleed" or "please shut up about that teacher you hate already, I want to talk about my life now" or even "no, I'm not sorry?"

Just once?


Because I can't do that.  Because there is a little factor in my brain that completely shuts down when I try to be not nice, with the result that people get two impressions of me:

"She never talks, does she?"

Or, when i snap as I do occasionally,

"Oh, Lord, I'm just going to run away now."

This is not a healthy state of being.  Surely I can bring myself to realize that harsh words won't completely destroy someone's life.  Just because I once came close to tears when someone (justifiably) insulted my writing awhile back doesn't mean that everyone else is that emotionally immature.

So yah know what?






Now, all of those were immature.  I am, in fact, going to apologize now for saying them if you were offended.  And I certainly don't want to shout them at everyone constantly.

But I'd like to be able to say them sometimes.  Like when you deserve it.


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