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Things I love about each of my fandoms, by list of movies/books because it makes it easier.

Star Wars
 Phantom Menace- the goshdarn visuals.  Even Jar Jar's kind of pretty.
...Not like that.
Attack of the Clones-  Padme's outfits.  I need them. 
Revenge of the Sith- the fact that I cry at the end.  The lightsaber battles.  Anakin's eyes when he turns evil.
A New Hope- Luke as a farmkid.  The Death Star run.  Leia and Han snarking at each other.  The twelve million AUs every second of it spawns in my head.
Empire Strikes Back- Everything.  Han and Leia falling in love.  "I know."  Luke flailing around during the lightsaber battle, and Vader testing him.  Yoda.  Artoo suffering through Dagobah.
Return of the Jedi- the giant space battle.  Threepio as a god (shut up, I like the Ewoks).   Vader and Luke spending some quality father-son bonding time.  Han and Leia kissing, every time.
The EU- Tag and Bink.  More powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Avatar: the Last Airbender
Book One- Iroh, from episode one.  The crazy little plotty towns.  The crazy little plotless towns.  The Northern Water Tribe.
Book Two- Zuko.  Zuko, Zuko, Zuko, Zuko.  Toph.  Foggy swamp.  The ancient Asian hippies.  The way the plot grabbed me and did not let me go.
Book Three- Omnomnom, shirtless scenes.  The goshdarn finale.  Katara's fire nation outfit (so pretty!) and the hair.

DC Comics
Batfamily- The way Nightwing is the sane one.  Bruce and Selina chasing each other around.  Cassandra freaking Cain.
JLI & co- Booster and Ted's bromance/romance.  Ice and why she puts up with Guy.  Guy in general.  Barda in general. (also Scott Free).  The laughs.  The painful laughs.
Blue Beetle- The Reyes family.  Guy posthumously respecting Ted.  A forehead full of justice!  Theological implications!
Other- Lois and Clark in love.  The Green Lantern Corps.  RUFFLES THE RAGE KITTY.

Marvel Comics
Young Avengers- The giant messed up family reunion in progress.  Teddy and Billy being adorkable.  Kate and Eli snarking. 
X- people- X-Factor's giant old soap opera.  Ric and 'Star.  Magneto being all morally ambiguous, and him and Xavier continuing to really have no idea how normal people define "friendship."  Mohawk!Storm.
Other- Captain America, who understands why I love my country.


I feel better now.

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Alright, I'm gonna say this loud and clear, comics.

Some things are meant to be dark and edgy. 

Some are not.

Bruce and Selina will continue to break each other's hearts and damaged psyches, and Lois and Clark will continue to be happily married.  Both stories are great.  Both stories have their place.

The X-Men will continuously angst and experience black and gray morality.  Squirrel Girl will continuously kick butt with squirrels.  Both stories are great.  Both stories have their place.

Sometimes, what's happy and what's dark don't need to be clashed together and warped beyond all recognition.  Sometimes, what's in the middle can work just as well.

And, sometimes, when you've got something beautiful and happy, you don't need to take it away for shock value.


I promise.

You don't.

I think I'm only buying the one series for right now.  No BoP, no Emerald Warrior.  I'm sorry.  I'm just kind of mad.

(Still love you!)

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So, in between segments of art homework, I've been rewarding myself with bits and pieces of the old X Men cartoon, in my continued quest to make up for the fact that we did not have cable when I was a child (so far: most of Superman: TAS, some of Batman: TAS, and most of Evolution).

...I cannot shake the feeling that what I am actually watching is not, in fact, a tumultous, tragic battle of conflicting ideologies, but, rather, The Worst Breakup Ever.

...Like, I mean, I seriously CAN'T.
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Random things going on in my life.

1. I love my school.  Seriously.  It is sometimes a bittersweet love (everyone there is JUST as f***ed up as I am!) but it is love.
2. I feel guilty, because a lot of people there have problems like dead relatives and drugs and abuse and are happy and sociable and all I've got is some messed up neurons and I keep hiding under tables.
3. Dear Person On Internet: STFU!  Thank you.
8. Shall instead throw my energy into Star Wars!  Yay!  Fun and nonhurty!
9.  Shall stay FAR away from Anakin.
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Forgotten what's it's like to be part of an ongoing fandom, I mean.  To be sincerely worried about whether my favorite characters will live, and not be able to just check online to see what happened.  To have to WAIT. 

I think I must have forgotten how involved I got in Avatar.  Screaming at the TV when Zuko did something especially boneheaded.  Pinned to my chair with fear as a character lay dying.  Inability to sit still during the theme song.  And sure, I didn't exactly have a life back then, but I don't exactly have a life now either.

Feeling an urge to write, of all things, FIX FIC. 

I'm going to go do Star Wars stuff.  Star Wars had a happy ending more than twenty years ago.  Star Wars is my type of fandom.
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Fic! )
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We went to see Star Trek today;  I reccommend it highly.

The battles were excellent, the special effects were almost uniformly good, the characters were both true to form and fantastic, and I was at the edge of my seat.  (The theater we went to actually has decent seats, too.  They literally rock, always a fun plus.)

Was there a major Star Wars influence?  It had a lot of the same stuff that makes me love SW, sure, but I felt it managed to be itself.  Admittedly, I'm far from a hardcore Trekkie/Trekker/Whatever the fandom currently calls itself, but I do know a bit about and enjoy the shows, particularly the Original Series, and I thought that this captured its attitude really well.

So, yeah.  Pulse pounding, pretty, and featuring shirtless!young!Kirk- overall I'd say this one is a winner.

Tune in next year for Lou's next Semi Annual Theater Visit!
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Today's topic shall be: The Top Ten Reasons Why I Really Hate Alliteration You Must Watch Avatar.

1.  I am going to get this one out of the way.  Zuko.  Zuko starts his legacy of shirtless!episodes in the third episode, and this all leads up to the truly beautiful episode in the third season where he is at the beach and thus constantly clothed only in shorts and a vest.  Also he is a deeply, deeply interesting character with fascinating motivations and incredible character growth.  And in season two he pours water on his chest while shirtless.  I was seriously not aware I could be actracted to animated guys before these things started happening.
2. And on to the logical reasons.  The settings.  You've basically got the Water Tribe, the Earth Kindom, the Fire Nation, and the abandoned temples of the Air Nomads, and all of these have detailed and consistent fashion styles, architecture styles, and really, really beautiful backgrounds.
3.  Which brings me to point three: the animation.  The animation is awesome.  Full stop.  It's a bit shaky sometimes first season, but only compared to the stuff that follows.
4.  This, in turn, brings me to the fight scenes.  These are incredible.  You've got people controlling the elements, mixed with cool weaponry, mixed with people doing both- it is awesome.
5. Reason five: Actual Character Development.  Yes.  Really.  In an American cartoon.
6. Toph.  She does not appear until Season Two, however, so until then you must content yourself with
7. Iroh.  Which should not be difficult.  Cool Old Guy to the extreme.
8.  The MUSIC.  There are actual leitmotifs in this show.  It's like a movie score, and it, like the animation and the fight scenes, starts off strong in Season One and then blossoms into Utter Awesome.
9. The Mary Sues in the fandom are fun and easily mockable.
What, that wasn't a good reason?  Fine.
9.  If you do not like Zuko, there is always Sokka.
10. The Epic!ness and twistiness of the plot.  Yes, twistiness.  Not only do the good guys not always win, the show's good enough that even when they do, you aren't always expecting it.  Also people die.  Like, actual teenage characters die.  I still cannot believe this actually got shown on Nickelodeon, which is, like, the Channel of the Stupid.

Anyway.  Good show.  Fun show.  Must watch. 
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A very long time ago, I joined a fandom.  It was called Avatar, and it was good.
I began to wite fanfic.  It contained Mary Sues, and it was not as good.
I did not share it.

Over a year ago now, I joined another fandom.  It was called Star Wars, and it, too, was good.
I began to read fanfiction.  Most of it was good. 

Some of it was great.  Really great.  Some of it was time travel- and lo, did come the plot bunnies.

And I began to write.  And it became a hundred pages long, and it took over my mind and my life, and I wondered whether or not to do it again.

And lo, did the plot bunnies stampede, until the ground was darkened as in Night of the Lepus.

And in both of these fandoms, I had a 'ship, and they were good, though I could not write them. 

And then...

Alright, pretentious prose aside, I've mentioned earlier that I am beginning to be drawn into DC Comics fandom.  Like most of my fandoms, this was not my idea.  It just sort of happened.

And, well...  And lo, did come the plot bunnies.

And the ships.  Good heavens, and lo, did come the ships.  It started with BatCat, which I could deal with only by completely ignoring everything besides fanfictions because you do not get attached to relationships in comics.  This was quite easy, as comics cost quite a bit anyway and the store is located across the Intersection of Doom.

Now, one thing I try to do to preserve my sanity is ship canon.  It started with Han/Leia, a very safe ship in which all the loose ends were cleared up ten years or so before my birth and which has the added benefit of very few people disliking it.  These people are clearly insane and are very easy to ignore.

Then came Tokka.  This is Toph/Sokka, for those not familiar with Avatar (Aunt Mary, stop reading this, or you will get spoilers and you do not want those, do you?) 

Is Aunt Mary gone?

Alright, then, Toph has a fairly blatant crush on Sokka, but Sokka is fairly clearly involved with, well, most other females in the show it seems like.  He finally ends up with one, and it is not Toph.  But I could easily convince myself that I just liked the canon crush, and so spare myself from useless heartache.

BatCat is kept strictly to fanfiction in order to save on money and sanity.

Now, the thing about these ships is they all either are canon, were canon, are partially canon, or are canon about 50% of the time depending on the writer.

But now I have stepped into dangerous waters.

I have become attached to a noncanon pairing.  I have become attached to a noncanon pairing that is slash and will never, ever, happen. 

Why do I keep doing this to myself?


Apr. 13th, 2009 07:07 pm
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HaHaHaHaHa, for I have finished the project on Local Government!

Tremble before me, schoolwork!

Today I wrote a Batman fanfic that I might actually share with other people.  I've found a third fandom.  Please, somebody, snap me out of it.  It says something when SW is your sane fandom, okay?  At least the ship wars in it are pretty much over with!  (ATLA fandom could learn something.  When it's over, it's over.  Write fanfic, dream, AUs, all sorts of fun- I'll read and love it- but for the love of God please stop fighting already!)

In happy links, I command you to look at the leopard kittens!
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I yelled at my little brother.  I know I shouldn't.  He's really an awesome little guy, and we always get along, and I was being very immature.

But I yelled at my little brother and I don't completely feel that I was in the wrong and I'm still angry- so I shall do something formulaic to calm myself down.  In this instance, that fun thing where you take a sentence from each of your WIPS.  So here are sentences from all of my fanfic WIPS (minus Searching, which is spread out over too many flash drives for me to hunt down right now).

It was methodical.  I am calmer.  Next, I shall make internet dolls.

WIP bits


  1. But Dick was the well adjusted optimist of the Bat Family.
  2. Let’s just get this out of the way with a simple statement: I am not a very tactful person.
  3. So true Bad Things- they couldn’t really exist.
  4. Darth Vader recognized little of what was going on until he landed painfully. 
  5. The Rebellion had found her mangled body in a in a bacta tank, just another piece of waste from a destroyed station.
  6. Like most of his sentences, it concerned money.
  7. You didn’t walk around in this village with the name of the Fire Nation’s little force of destruction.
  8. Last night she’d dreamed almost exclusively of scalloped shadows and broken ropes, and while it beat slightly the recurring dream of Beast Boy with Cyborg’s head singing show tunes, it was not a pleasant dream. 
  9.  “We shall test this device on Calrissian.”
  10.  “You spice-addled fool, he’s still on the Death Star.”
  11. “It’s a long story. Listen, I’m trapped in the middle of a swamp, so could you please-”
Hm.  All of them from the end of the alphabet were dialogue.  Some of them desperately need editing.  Some of them are from fics that will never, never, never see the light of day.  And a couple of my favorites are trapped behind severe writer's block.

But I am calming down.
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Pretty much upon discovering the internet, I also discovered that few things were more entertaining than watching others fight on it.  I also discovered that it is probably best if I stay out of things myself. 

So, right now, I'm grabbing me some popcorn.

According to Club Jade and Fandom Wank, someone has decided to sell their Twilight fanfiction.  For money.  Because apparently since Ms Meyer never drew pictures of her characters, this makes them not copyrighted.  (Daughter... of Lawyer... Senses... Tingling... Also common sense...)

Now, I'm not going to go into detail, because I don't know the details and half my favorite blogs are sharing all of them anyway.  For all I know, in fact, this is a giant hoax.  But whatever it is, it has provided me with a soapbox.  And I love soapboxes.

Fanfiction has always seemed to me to be one of those "gray areas" in the "your right to move your fist stops in my face" deal.  Basically, if the author has expressed anti fanfic feelings, I shriek "WHY?" at the heavens what I may or may not write never goes beyond my computer.  If I ever get published myself (a big, big if) I'll be all in favor of and thrilled by fanfic, but I completely respect the right of a creator to say that they don't like it.  I think it does way more good than harm, but I thought that about Scans_Daily for the lovely week it and I spent together.
But seriously.  Maintain a level of respect for the creator, people.  IT IS THEIRS.  IT IS NOT YOURS, OR MINE.  And whenever one of these "fic for money" stories pops up, I get nervous.  Because those are the ones that get attention, and that's what prompts creators to not want fanfic anymore.


I hate to be one of the internet yellers.  Really and truly I do.  I like to watch them, but I try not to get too involved for my own sake.

But sometimes...
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For a while, now, I've been trying to figure out what makes a fandom stick with me. Avatar stuck, and so did Star Wars, and then last spring I began conciously looking for a third fandom. And I ran into problems. I'd enjoy something (Star Trek, MST3K), and it would stick with me, but it wouldn't inspire "squee-I-must-watch-other-people-debate-this-ad-nauseum-and-write-fanfic". And meanwhile Avatar finished up and I never had time for the Clone Wars, and I still found no third fandom.

(Also just as I was really getting into MST3K I got hit by a car walking to the video rental place, which really put a damper on that relationship.)

And then I was surfing TV Tropes, and came across an interesting link, and began reading the scans_daily archives.

A week later LJ shut it down. Maybe four days later, actually.

I barely knew ye! *Sobs*

On the Monday afterwards, we here in Charlotte experienced the wonder of a Southern snow day, in which there is one inch of an icy substance on the ground and everyone breaks down into panic. I am informed that people in other parts of the country find this humorous, but seriously, we know it's ridiculous. And, because I had no quasi-legal stockpile of scans on my computer to turn to anymore, I was bored.

Bored, and with Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket.

Now, I'd been reading some comics fanfic, and I'd liked it, so I sort of knew what I was looking for as I headed across the Intersection of Doom and to the little comics store on the corner. I knew I wanted to read Batman, but that there was nothing going on in Batman that I wanted to read. I knew that the work of pretty much every artist or writer out there Should Not Be Touched With A Ten Foot Pole No You Idiot It's The Greatest Ever.

Anyway, yeah, I bought some comics, and then more, and I read more fanfic, and I moved Nightwing to the spot behind Prince Zuko in my list of Hot Fictional Guys, and I began really enjoying the world of comics.

And Batman stuck.  And I had absolutely no clue why.  The canon stuff was as variable in quality as the fanfics.  Most of the ships squicked me to no end.

I began to consider this confusing turn of events, and finally I came to a conclusion.

I like reading about dysfunctional families.  No, I have no idea why.  I just do.  Heaven knows my family's pretty normal, with me as the only even slightly dysfunctional unit.  (Also my cat).

But seriously.  I think that's what it is.  You've got the Fire Nation royals, the Skywalkers, and the BatFamily or whatever I'm supposed to call it now that I can't extricate myself from it.

Crabcakes, now I've got plot bunnies from three universes, only one of which I currently have any real initiave in writing for, bouncing around my head.  I don't need this!  I'm still working on Searching!  It's in the other window right now!



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