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As always, shamelessly stolen from one of the twenty billion or so fic authors whose journals I stalk.

Take twenty pairings, (or characters, because I don't think I HAVE twenty pairings), and twenty Shuffled songs.  Compare.

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Today, we dive into the wonderful world of my Comic Boxes.  Pop, my mom's father, either found them in a house or got them at a flea market or something, I'm unsure.  Interesting things and Pop just seem to have a strange attraction to each other.  They contain a nice range, all the way from cracktacular 60s Superman to excellent Claremont X-Men to several helpful gun catalogues.  They also contain, however, a nice selection of old Star Wars comics, and that is what we shall focus on today.

These range in age- I've actually got the cover of #1, but sadly the content vanished long before I got my hands on the boxes.  The same can be said for another which I'm sure would have been glorious, featuring as it does gorillamask!Chewie and brunet!mullet!Luke.  Also no one can decide on Leia's hair color.

If I ever get my scanner working, I'll share more in depth, but I'll post breif summaries of three that were at the top of the stack.

#99 features on the cover a dramatic Han, screaming at a small attenaed alien that "If Lando dies, I'll destroy your planet!"  Sadly, the rest of the issue is much less interesting.  Han merely threatens to strafe the capital, and Lando is easily cured.  There are also mentions of subplot in which Leia hangs out with a blond dude eerily resembling a taller Luke, which makes Han jealous.  I have never understood any of the three million times the EU has tried to throw in this sort of romantic twist.  He's Han freaking Solo.  Leia's never going to leave him for some pretty boy any more than he's going to mind control her and take her down to a barbaric planet of force witches. 

#88 also follows the tradition comic tactic of Blatant Cover Lies.  This one reads "Darth Vader is Dead.  Long Live the New Dark Lord," and features a caped fembot shooting at Leia.  The interior story is a mildly intersting look at Leia engaging in Social Justice while on a diplomatic trip for the Alliance.  The fembot shoots at some oppressed people and proves decently dangerous, even promising revenge at the end of the issue, but really doesn't strike me as Vader level at all.  (Note: After futher thought, I suppose she could be whatsherface or one of the other EU villains in disguise, but a trademark of EU villains for me has always been how little I could bring myself to care).

#81, On the other hand, is a lovely little Han and Leia vignette.  Story-wise, fine, it's really not anywhere above the others.  I don't care.  I will read utter dreck for my Han/Leia fix, and this one is at least entertaining.  Bored and frustrated by Alliance life on Ender, Han strikes out for a Tatooine visit, and Leia comes along.  They discuss how messed up it is to come out of months in carbonite, Han discovers that he's essentially legally dead, and there is flirting.  Just as they start to get really romantic, however, Leia realizes something- Artoo is missing!  In fact, he, once again, has run afoul of Jawas- as has another character- a de Sarlaaced and unconcious Boba Fett!  This is only  Boba's first Sarlaac escape, however, as opposed to his permanent one later, and he falls back in, refusing Han's helping hand at the last.  This is probably my favorite of the ones I've read.

Scans to come someday!  Probably.  Maybe.
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Tonight, I have rediscovered:

1. The agony of far too many math problems of busywork with no shortcuts allowed in a lengthy concept that nevertheless I had no problems with back when I first learned it in SECOND GRADE and do not need to repeat and repeat ad nausuem. It's enough to make me want Calculus.

2. The fact that the ending of ESB makes me miserable and jumpy and in the mood to write five dozen AUs. The only cure for this is instant application of Return of the Jedi, but nooo, I had to do the above mentioned math homework.

3. And the joy of playing my flute! That felt nice to pick up again. Oddly, now that I'm no longer in a band, I find myself gravitating towards my el cheapo beginner's flute, and not just because my nice one refuses to play "F".

Meme Time!

Aug. 24th, 2009 01:21 pm
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Dad says Luke's doing better!


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