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Failiness of world, in a few notes.

1. The Last Airbender was cast in a racist manner.  Yes it was.  Katara is not /whiter than I am/.  That is kind of fail on a special level.  I'm sorry if you do not want to face this being a problem.  It kind of is.  That's kind of common sense.  

2. Unrelated: The fact that I am religious and Southern doesn't make me an ignorant bigot. 

3.  Other religious, Southern people: please to stop perpretrating this stereotype.

4. People in fourth block: insulting my best friend is not the new, highest form of entertainment.  He was the first person in years to show overt friendship to me without getting something in return.  Stuff that up your pieholes.

And good things lately?

1. I got to go to a Bobcats basketball playoff game (we got swept) and sit on the same row as Stephen Curry.  During halftime, my father went over to introduce himself.  I'd put in a bit here about hating to do that to celebrities, but, honestly, that's kind of how my dad reacts to anyone who went to his college, whether they starred in basketball there or not.  Also I got a picture with him, and apologized profusely.  (My dad is also obsessed with his new cell phone camera.  Hey, I love you Dad.)

2. I've read several excellent books lately, and reread many more.

3. GENERATION LOST IN LIKE TWO WEEKS!  YAY!  There shall be Booster, and Jaime!Beetle, and Ice, and Fire, and unfortunatelyevil!Max and YAY!
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This was going to be a rant about me being annoyed that I didn't get makeup days for being sick.  But then I see that I finished Unit Eight ages ago and neither needed nor deserved them seeing as how long I had compared to how long I was lying in bed miserable.

So thank you, Online Teacher, for being awesome.

In other news, I've decided that my obsession with dysfunctional families in fiction stems not from my happy, mostly normal family in real life, but from my early preoccupation with the Tudors, which stems from my preoccupation with Elizabeth I, which stems from the fact that she had my name and she was awesome.

I love studying the Tudors.  They just fascinate me.  On the minus side, this means that whenever they're in popular culture I turn into one of those screaming people because Is Historical Accuracy Really That Difficult, Certain Authors Who Will Not Be Named?  Mary Boleyn was not a virgin when she caught Henry's eye.  Mary Boleyn was a slut who'd slept with most of the French court and who King Francis referred to as "my hackney."  Her story is very, very interesting, but is not the one that you told.  Also, most evidence suggests she was older than Anne, although that is still up for debate.

What was I saying?

I'll go with this:
DAVIDSON WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad Day

Mar. 9th, 2009 02:39 pm
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Also bad part of yesterday.

So, to begin with, DAVIDSON LOST.  Bleep you, College of Charleston, you have earned my eternal detest-ing -ment -whatever.  The point is you are now officially The Rival Team, Cougars.  A 15 year old from Charlotte is irrationally and vicariously angry at you!  Tremble!

Also I left my iPod at school.  The school conselor found it, and it's waiting for me (iPods are allowed at my school, one of the many reasons it is much better than my last one), in fact, she found it literally as I was writing that last sentence.  So I suppose this is happier than it was, but I'm still furious with myself.

Also I spent the day on the verge of panic attack whenever in a crowd, which wasn't too often because today I stayed in the conference room and did my work in there.  So I'm just disapointed with myself for all sorts of reasons.

On the plus side, for over a week now my desk has held a fountain.  It burbles at me cheerily, and I love it.
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*Smiles evily*

A while back, the Cougars of the College of Charleston's mens basketball team beat my beloved Davidson Wildcats in a game marked by referees who seriously needed to borrow my glasses.  Tonight, the two teams meet again in the Southern Conference finals. 



Anyway, I am pleased to annouce that we have finally found cat treats that the kitten can eat without throwing up.  We think, in fact, that she is  getting better, and may possibly soon be able to eat standard cat food as opposed to hand pureed turkey/potato mix. 

Why do we think this?

On Friday, she chewed the cheese off of half a pizza, leaving only tattered pizza remains behind.

So:  Yay!  The kitten may be able to eat normally again!

But:  Yeep!  The kitten can steal our food with impunity again!

Ah, well.  It's worth it.


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