Dec. 27th, 2009 06:50 pm
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Alright.  Soon, I WILL get around to talking about the Exciting Adventures of Christmas and this weekend, including the Adventure of the Stuck Car as well as the instant classic Adventure of the Parade of Beagles.  However, I'm feeling very pumped up by the Panthers' win today and feel the need to share the badass.

First off, though, we are out of the playoffs.  We've been out of the playoffs for a while.  Our quarterback, though a great guy and not to mention solid for years years before, reached the end of his career around midseason, and pretty much dragged the season down with him as a our coach refused to bench him.  Look, Coach Fox, I'm as sad as you are, but sometimes, good things end.  Jake ended.  I'll miss his cheerful presence too, but everybody reaches an end.

Anyway.  On to my major point.

Our star dual running backs, Double Trouble, have now both reached the 1,000 yd mark despite injuries.  DeAngelo Williams, in fact, sat out with a knee injury, but Jonathan Stewart more than stepped up, despite an Achilles tendon problem.

I sometimes have Achilles tendon problems myself.  I find great difficulty in walking down hallways, and this is without a group of large, helmeted men chasing after me with violent intent.

Also, our star reciver broke his arm.  Catching a pass.  And then ran the three yards for a touchdown.  And then landed on the apparently already broken arm.  Internet reports also state that he shot lasers from his eyes to fend off approaching Giants players.

To be honest, internet sports fandom is as loud and scary a place as internet fandom fandoms.

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This shall be my happy post of the day. 


So I just recieved an email with the Carolina Panthers schedule on it, and I am all of a sudden pumped up and wishing it was football time (not really.  I want summer first.)  The Panthers are the local pro football (the American, violent kind) team, and I have a deep and abiding love for them that was not negated by the fact that LAST YEAR THEY COMPLETELY EMBARRASSED THEMSELVES TO THE ARIZONA CARDINALS OF ALL PEOPLE.

But I am not still bitter.

I love them too much.

I love the writeups in the paper, and the arguing fans, and that sometimes I can hear the roar of the stadium from my house.  I love that it brings the community together.  I love that last year we came together as a team despite the fact that our star reciever sucker punched another player during a preseason practice.  I love when one of our running backs just breaks away from everything and high tails it down the field with the ball.  I love the fact that we play better as underdogs (usually).  I love that we have the best, nicest, and genuinely good-guy owners in the NFL, and that when he had a heart transplant last year the entire fanbase stopped yelling at each other and rallied around him.  I love us when we win and I love us when we don't.

And I needed to be reminded today of the things I love.
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*Smiles evily*

A while back, the Cougars of the College of Charleston's mens basketball team beat my beloved Davidson Wildcats in a game marked by referees who seriously needed to borrow my glasses.  Tonight, the two teams meet again in the Southern Conference finals. 



Anyway, I am pleased to annouce that we have finally found cat treats that the kitten can eat without throwing up.  We think, in fact, that she is  getting better, and may possibly soon be able to eat standard cat food as opposed to hand pureed turkey/potato mix. 

Why do we think this?

On Friday, she chewed the cheese off of half a pizza, leaving only tattered pizza remains behind.

So:  Yay!  The kitten may be able to eat normally again!

But:  Yeep!  The kitten can steal our food with impunity again!

Ah, well.  It's worth it.


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