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Title: Pieces of the Dream
Author: Siamesa
Word Count: ~16,500
Rating: T
Betas: Chira Wilder, offline friend Hugh.
Warnings: Violence, medical experimentation on minors, institutionalized racism and homophobia.
Pairings: Billy/Teddy, Cassie/Vision, hinted at Kate/Eli. Background Xavier/Magneto, Scott/Jean, Wanda/Vision.
Summary: "It was sometimes said that the government spent half its money trying to exterminate mutants, and the other half trying to create them." In a world where cold war simmers between the human nations and the mutants of Genosha, some people want peace, some want revenge, and two groups of teenagers just want answers.

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I'm beginning a very busy summer season, including my first attempt at leaving home without the parents in years (an important skill, seeing as I'm leaving for college in August) coming up in a couple of weeks.

Over last few days we went to a Lawyer Conference with Daddy at a very very nice hotel.  I love high-end hotels, and they are something I will miss once I move out into the real world.  Staying in the fantasy world for now, however, we also went through a tiny town in West Virginia where I discovered my latest Dream Home, a big historic colonial mansion in the mountains right across from a Historic Memorial.  I also added a nearby restaurant as one of only two outside-of-NC locations on my internal List of Places With Decent Barbecue.

On the nerddom front, my disappointment that Green Lantern apparently wasn't very good (I will have to rent it once it comes on DVD and decide for myself, as reviews suggest it's not worth enduring a theater for) is somewhat tempered by the happy fact that X-Men First Class caaused a nice fic explosion for one of my favorite pairings.

Speaking of fic: I have a shaping up to be epic that I believe there will be decent interest in.  However: I was bitten by the plot bunny for it while reading someone else's drabble.  My fic has a different backstory, is in a different 'verse, and for the most part stars different characters, but the general inspiration-type-thing is the same- though it's an AU-setting that others have used as well and that I've worked to have a unique take on.  While I know the drabble author's name, I've never interacted with them and am not sure if they're still fandom-active. 

What is the etiquette for this situation?
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I made an Archive of Our Own account, primarily because I was fed up with messing up my italics and line breaks and seperations.

Does this mean I'll be writing new stuff?  Hopefully.  It is summer, after all, and I found several of my old flash drives lying around with half- written stuff on them.

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I'll get to the new dog eventually, but for now, have something interesting I found- some Star Wars fic!  It's either unfinished or has a very anticlimactic ending, but my muse for it has left me (it was kind of my other possible beginning for my /other/ "Luke get captured" unfinished fic) but I thought I'd post it anyway, bad writing intact, as a sort of personal motivation to get some of Dark!LeiaEpic up.

Body of Story )

Potential End )

Potential Continuation )
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...Such as a still-barely functional "L" key.  Lovely.

Anyway, I've been having a decent if pain-med-addled week, but I'm finally pretty much off the things!  Yay!

(Though I still have a tube-thing inside of me.  Not-yay.)

Anyway.  I'm getting back into schoolwork, writing, and art.  I've got a half-finished pic of Dark!Leia and Han that I'm fairly proud of, and nebulous half-fic to go with it.

Speaking of nebulous half fic, anyone know how to say "you shall not pass" in Romanian?  Just wondering.

Life wise, it is rainy and cold.  Also Bad Rabbit left... leavings in the hallway.  But that's honestly about it for the bad.

I'm doing alright.


Nov. 19th, 2010 09:14 pm
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I like AUs, specifically the "for want of a nail" or "makes a different decision" types.  They're probably 90% of what I write, even couting the ten million little snippets of things no one will ever see.  They're kind of why I got into fanfic in the first place, and they're one of my favorite things to read.  My mind has naturally gone to "what ifs" long before I ever got the idea to share them with other living beings.

They are much easier in Star Wars.  In SW, I start with a weird little head idea, like "Luke and Vader are talking on the phone!"  followed by "why?"  "how?" and "I really don't think they call them phones in the GFFA."  I focus on a few characters- what's Luke up to?  Vader?  Chewie?  Han and Leia?  They'd better get together.  I don't write stuff where Han and Leia don't eventually get together... And since I write and read mostly OT, it's a nice, short time zone.

So far, I have gotten ravenous angry plot bunnies for two comics AUs.  Both of them, for reasons only my subconcious knows, are Marvel, which is not even my favorite company and which has almost all of the few extant characters in any of my fandoms I actively hate.  The one that's currently biting the most started as a tiny teensy little couple of paragraphs I posted on here a while back.  And I meant for it to stay kind of tiny.

But first I had to flesh out some of the supporting characters.  Billy, Teddy, Tommy, might as well throw in the rest of the YA while I'm at it, but that means filling in the human side of the political climate, and then what's everybody else up to?  I might as well throw in a few more mutants to be fleshed out some, but not too many more, just the ones who'll have lines...

Yeah, right.  I'm now getting together an alternate backstory for Psylocke (Sammy, I'm giving her your hair) who by the way will not even appear.  Also the relationship count has expanded to pretty much every couple I've ever shipped ever a little in the MU ever, even though I still can't write romance to save my life, and also I think Professor X might kind of be evil now.

Maybe this is the problem with having such a big universe, with so many writers, many of whom disagree with each other about the characters so strenously?  Would Star Wars be this difficult if I ever got into the EU?  Aren't I thanking my lucky stars I never got into the EU? 

Anyway, this is basically a vent post, but any/all advice is welcome, etc.

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So, writing lots and lots lately, though none of it's liable to be finished anytime soon, and if it ever sees the light of day I'll have to find a beta who knows Marvel somehow, which is tough because showing my work to strangers makes me jumpy and my "Dad, could you go over the grammar?" plan won't work for several reasons.

Anyway, the point is that I'm trying to put some romance in, because the situation suggests that, hey, there's nothing stopping them from being (semi) happy in love the way there is in canon, even if I had to turn the world into a dystopia to accomplish that.  It's mostly background, but I am trying to factor it in because I love the pairing and messing around with their dynamics. 

I really can't write romance to save my life.  There's the obvious problem, that I've never had one, but I've never found out my dad was a Sith Lord either, and it doesn't stop me from writing about that.  But they aren't even (quite) canon, which means I can't crib off of canon interactions like I do for Han/Leia or what little Kataang I've written, or anything like that, or even for the other pairings in the fic, which are almost all canon even if the circumstances are different.

So yeah.
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Clicky here for:

1. Star wars fic
2. Actual, live, comics fic
3. The original idea for my apocalypse!fic, which has since swiched fandoms and eaten my brain
4. My attempt at one of those cliched Zuko and Katara arranged marriage fics- but featuring no Zutara!
5. The semi sort of sequel to Wrong Number.
Read more... )


Aug. 4th, 2010 05:31 pm
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 First of all- I'm at the beach!  Yayayayay!  Great to be here, even if the number of people in the house is a little bit nervewracking. 

And more notes...

I do not like your fanfic.  I do not understand your total hate-on for a perfectly good character and a perfectly good ship.  I do not understand why you spite your own readers.  I do not understand your OOC behavior, your logic fail, or your insistance that you are right and everyone else is wrong.  I do not like you.

And what I like even less is that you write for the canon.


I have two new swimsuits!  They are very very pretty.


I have a half-formed thingy on the Lars family that I hope to post within the week.  


And that about sums it up, I think.
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Microfic thing: In ten words or less, write a thing for each genre.  Went with Star Wars, of course.


He could never see her face- just the flashing blue blades.


"I am your brother," he said, with a dark smile.


"Bring Your Child To Work Day," Vader read, and growled.


Well, my ship's still shinier, thought Kirk, who remained annoyed.


The twin suns on her hair- Luke alive- death could come.


"Snookums? Babycakes, maybe?" said Anakin, and Padme fell over laughing.


Obi-Wan suddenly blanched.  They'd left Luke on the Death Star.


"Ben lied," said Lukeunit, and Artoo gently nudged his knee.


"You... pirate!"  "You say that like it's a bad thing."
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Fic! )
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And here is the short Obi-Wan/Beru fic I promised...  Sort of.  It mixed up with the universe of the epic!fic I want to write once I get decent at romance and then took off from there.  But hopefully it is alright anyway?

I'll put this up on eventually )
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I wrote a MST.

Confound it all, I broke down and wrote a MST.

I'm not sure what to do with it. I just knew that by golly that  story with that Mary Sue annoyed me, and I wanted to rip into it, and so I did.

The MST is not here, by the way.  It's in a flash drive in my bookbag until I figure out what in the world I'm going to do with it.  Because, quite honestly, well, there was a period where if someone had taken my writing (a lot of which seriously deserved it) and ripped it into shreds and shared it with the internet, I would've gone nuts and had a crying jag and probably failed several tests.  I recognize, at this point in my life, there were things wrong with me, even more than there are now, and not everyone acts that way, and most people are mature enough to respond to something like that in a less self destructive way.

But the fact remains that I have a MST and no clue what to do with it other than... well, write more.  On the plus side, it was very nice to vent.


Apr. 13th, 2009 07:07 pm
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HaHaHaHaHa, for I have finished the project on Local Government!

Tremble before me, schoolwork!

Today I wrote a Batman fanfic that I might actually share with other people.  I've found a third fandom.  Please, somebody, snap me out of it.  It says something when SW is your sane fandom, okay?  At least the ship wars in it are pretty much over with!  (ATLA fandom could learn something.  When it's over, it's over.  Write fanfic, dream, AUs, all sorts of fun- I'll read and love it- but for the love of God please stop fighting already!)

In happy links, I command you to look at the leopard kittens!
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Pretty much upon discovering the internet, I also discovered that few things were more entertaining than watching others fight on it.  I also discovered that it is probably best if I stay out of things myself. 

So, right now, I'm grabbing me some popcorn.

According to Club Jade and Fandom Wank, someone has decided to sell their Twilight fanfiction.  For money.  Because apparently since Ms Meyer never drew pictures of her characters, this makes them not copyrighted.  (Daughter... of Lawyer... Senses... Tingling... Also common sense...)

Now, I'm not going to go into detail, because I don't know the details and half my favorite blogs are sharing all of them anyway.  For all I know, in fact, this is a giant hoax.  But whatever it is, it has provided me with a soapbox.  And I love soapboxes.

Fanfiction has always seemed to me to be one of those "gray areas" in the "your right to move your fist stops in my face" deal.  Basically, if the author has expressed anti fanfic feelings, I shriek "WHY?" at the heavens what I may or may not write never goes beyond my computer.  If I ever get published myself (a big, big if) I'll be all in favor of and thrilled by fanfic, but I completely respect the right of a creator to say that they don't like it.  I think it does way more good than harm, but I thought that about Scans_Daily for the lovely week it and I spent together.
But seriously.  Maintain a level of respect for the creator, people.  IT IS THEIRS.  IT IS NOT YOURS, OR MINE.  And whenever one of these "fic for money" stories pops up, I get nervous.  Because those are the ones that get attention, and that's what prompts creators to not want fanfic anymore.


I hate to be one of the internet yellers.  Really and truly I do.  I like to watch them, but I try not to get too involved for my own sake.

But sometimes...


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