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Things I love about each of my fandoms, by list of movies/books because it makes it easier.

Star Wars
 Phantom Menace- the goshdarn visuals.  Even Jar Jar's kind of pretty.
...Not like that.
Attack of the Clones-  Padme's outfits.  I need them. 
Revenge of the Sith- the fact that I cry at the end.  The lightsaber battles.  Anakin's eyes when he turns evil.
A New Hope- Luke as a farmkid.  The Death Star run.  Leia and Han snarking at each other.  The twelve million AUs every second of it spawns in my head.
Empire Strikes Back- Everything.  Han and Leia falling in love.  "I know."  Luke flailing around during the lightsaber battle, and Vader testing him.  Yoda.  Artoo suffering through Dagobah.
Return of the Jedi- the giant space battle.  Threepio as a god (shut up, I like the Ewoks).   Vader and Luke spending some quality father-son bonding time.  Han and Leia kissing, every time.
The EU- Tag and Bink.  More powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Avatar: the Last Airbender
Book One- Iroh, from episode one.  The crazy little plotty towns.  The crazy little plotless towns.  The Northern Water Tribe.
Book Two- Zuko.  Zuko, Zuko, Zuko, Zuko.  Toph.  Foggy swamp.  The ancient Asian hippies.  The way the plot grabbed me and did not let me go.
Book Three- Omnomnom, shirtless scenes.  The goshdarn finale.  Katara's fire nation outfit (so pretty!) and the hair.

DC Comics
Batfamily- The way Nightwing is the sane one.  Bruce and Selina chasing each other around.  Cassandra freaking Cain.
JLI & co- Booster and Ted's bromance/romance.  Ice and why she puts up with Guy.  Guy in general.  Barda in general. (also Scott Free).  The laughs.  The painful laughs.
Blue Beetle- The Reyes family.  Guy posthumously respecting Ted.  A forehead full of justice!  Theological implications!
Other- Lois and Clark in love.  The Green Lantern Corps.  RUFFLES THE RAGE KITTY.

Marvel Comics
Young Avengers- The giant messed up family reunion in progress.  Teddy and Billy being adorkable.  Kate and Eli snarking. 
X- people- X-Factor's giant old soap opera.  Ric and 'Star.  Magneto being all morally ambiguous, and him and Xavier continuing to really have no idea how normal people define "friendship."  Mohawk!Storm.
Other- Captain America, who understands why I love my country.


I feel better now.

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I returned home from the hospital on Wednesday, actually. It wasn't that fun. The food was bland when I could eat, and when I couldn't I was kind of miserable. I hate throwing up. I hate pain. The doctor skirted around saying it, but I will probably have these dang things at irregular intervals for the rest of my life.

I thought all my illnesses were mental. I'm just sayin'.

On the plus side, morphine is a wonderful, wonderful thing, making me feel woozy and full of love.

Also I got a new plush cat, so, yeah, score!

My live cat is very very thrilled to have me back, purring and purring.  On Monday I'll be headed back to school. 

Under the Cut, Have Something I've Become a Bit Addicted To )
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So, yeah.  I have been behind in math.  Behind behind.  Like, been taking the class since August when it's supposed to last two or three months, and still not done.  I have procrastinated, I have failed, I have screamed in frustration- and upon learning about how much I still had to do I may or may not have hidden in a little ball and sobbed louder than the two month old Neighbor Baby. 

Because yeah, I was bleeping stressed.  I've made a lot of progress this year- I've got friends- with an s on the end!  Multiple friends!- I had a birthday party, I got over 200 reviews on Crashing in Time, I finished about a tenth of NaNoWriMo and I finally began to figure out foreshortening in my art-  but a large part of my mind still firmly believes that if I fail a school class, I could find the Holy Grail and it still wouldn't be enough to <s>not disappoint my father</s> have a non wasted year.  If I couldn't pass a class, I might as well be back in Hellhole On Earth Senior High.

But I am not.  I am at Run By Angels On This Green Earth BEST SCHOOL EVER, and according to my math teacher who is INCREDIBLE and PATIENT and has the FORGIVENESS OF A SAINT, I have done enough work to pass.

I am seriously jumping for joy.  Well, actually, I am writing an essay for Honors Genocide And Human Nature (yes I AM, mom, don't worry...), but that is now my ONLY class besides Medieval History (which is online) that I still have huge amounts of work in.  And not actually that huge.  They seemed huge this morning, but that was before I did most of them.

In other news:  Dear Section of My Brain That I Do Not Control, I do not know what possessed you to think that licking the fern would solve all of my problems.  The timing was coincidental.  And it did not taste very good, either.

But seriously?

Thank you, Ms DeLong!  Thank you, mom and daddy!  Thank you, Jesus!
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To graduate, people in my district have to do this project.  They seem to change the name from Senior Exit Project to Graduation Project and back again every five seconds, but, regardless, I am fully in favor of the idea.  In theory.  And so, because I Firmly Support This Sort of Education, I am trying to do my best on mine, which has the added bonus of being due in two years so my mind refuses to recognize that there is in any way a deadline.

What I'm doing mine on is webcomics (sort of, it goes into more detail), both because I feel that they as a medium that needs more respect and because this gives me an excuse for the next two years to read them in class.  For the practical part of the project, I'm drawing a webcomic, which in two years or so I'll actually put up on the web assuming by that point I haven't changed topics completely/grown to hate it.

But for right now, the planning stages, it's fun.  I spent a lot of the day drawing out and planning some of the characters.  I'm trying to get the whole Uncanny Valley thing going with one of them, which is tricky with pencil-on-printing-paper.  Still, it's starting to creep me out a little, so I'm happy.

Seriously, I love designing characters.  It's so much fun.  Of course, I tend to go overboard and end up with complete Mary Sues who then need to be toned down for public consumption- but I like to think I'm getting better about that.  These characters now have personality flaws from the get go.
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Sometimes I think that NC has two states of weather:  "We need more rain now," and, "Okay, hurricane season, that's enough rain."  It also rains a lot when it's almost but not quite cold enough to be snow.  But for the past couple of days, it's been constant downpour.

Well, no more!

I've got no clue what's on the forecast for next week, but as for right now, it's SUNNY.

Yay, sunny!  *Dances*

Of course, soon it'll be too sunny, and temperatures will snake into the 100s, and the humidity will reach a point where you wonder why it even needs to rain, as the air is clearly primarily composd of water anyway- but until then, it's spring.  And there is sun.
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I love this blog.  And the owner is a SW fan, so yeah.  This means that a cake featuring Darth Vader and a small child gets on Sunday Sweets, while anything shaped like a deer head, no matter how well made, is in the normal weekly cake wrecks.

What does everyone else seem to find so scary about deer heads? 

DISCLAIMER: Lou is hereby neither stating that she would like to hunt a deer nor in any way getting in the way of your right to do so if you so please just don't come on our land in God we trust with liberty and justice for all Green Lantern's light.


Because I cannot not link to that in anything entitled "Fun Links"

And that there is our dog, Gracie, who got to be this website's photo of the week a few years back.  In this photo she is shown being much more lively than usual.


Mar. 13th, 2009 06:01 pm
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Yay!  We're headed up to the mountains with my maternal grandparents this weekend, which should be fun.  We've got a little cabin out in the middle of absolutely nowhere near Pisgah National Forest, and while it's basically the home of the Beverly Hillbillies albeit with more seventies carpet, we love it dearly.  The relatives seem to like it too, as they can now go turkey hunting and it's got a deer stand. 

(I'm not ashamed of my redneck relatives, or anything, and I don't mean redneck as an insult, just more in the general Southern "that guy with the dead possum in his yard" except fewer dead possums). I really like them, they're good people, and they make great barbecue.  It's just that it's only now begun to hit me that most people don't have a bunch of cousins who decorate their living rooms in Furry Things I Have Shot.)

We might bring the kitten.  She likes it up there, because she's allowed to claw the furniture.  She also adores my fuzzy blanket that I have up there.  She kneads it like its her mother (that's a whole 'nother redneck relative story) and purrs and purrs.


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