Nov. 23rd, 2011 08:22 pm
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Guild Wars: Mesmer: The Dress-up Game is coming along nicely- I'm around halfway done with the lineart for the clothes if not a bit further, and I've done all the hairstyles.  Tremendous fun.

Kidney hurts.  Worrisome.

I feel like I've made progress with the anxiety stuff thanks to the thing in Chapel Hill- not so much that I don't get anxious or panicky, but that I can work through it better.

Thanksgiving at granny's tomorrow.  Large number of extended relatives shoud be there.

Played "Overlord" DLC for Mass Effect, and wanted really, really badly to kill the scummy ablist scientist, but sadly this was not an option and I had to settle for Paragon!pistol whipping, which was a bit unlike my powers-reliant Shepard but still an excellent moment.  Do video games make me violent?  Unlikely.  I have been fantasizing about hitting scummy people with various weapons since a very early age, and have yet to purposefully act on those feelings.  (Did once hit my brother with a large stick, but that was by accident and I wasn't mad at him at the time).
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I made a dressup game (if y'all are wondering why you haven't seen me, blame coding.  Lots and lots of coding)


It is for the Webcomic I Will Finish Someday and I am proud of it.  It is not amazing, but I am proud of it and of myself.

Hopefully I will be able to ride this high for a while, because tomorrow I leave for intensive therapy in Chapel Hill which I am nervous about, mostly because the doctor is a lot more confident than I am that he can fix me in a short amount of time.

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 We've been up at the cabin most of the last few weeks, so not much in the way of internet.  I'll try to catch up with y'all as soon as I can, but right now I'm just in the library for a few minutes.

-Got myself psyched up to take my driver's test only to discover the office is closed on Tuesdays.
-Have broken up with DC, am having attachment-less one night stand with Marvel.
-College in three weeks!  So nervous.
-Won Mass Effect, 2/3rds of way through Mass Effect 2.  Romancing Garrus.

That's about it for now.  Hopefully talk to every one soon.
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So, anyway, I've been surfing around all the various nerd sites, and I found out recently there's gonna be an X-men create-a-character RPG, also known as the only type of video game I play that isn't Sims.  As you can imagine, this created some excitement.  One of the reasons:

This is potentially a video game I will take the dark side path on!

This is very exciting.  I am pretty much physically incable of taking the bad-guy route in RPGs.  My Revan in KotOR started out as a brusque sort of chaotic neutral in the planning stages, but by the end of the game was so light side she literally had a giant halo-thing.  Even my blood mage in Dragon Age is kind and helpful.

But this?  Will I get to fight teammates?  Will one of them be Scott Summers?  He was in the trailer.  How painfully can I kill him?  Or will it be old-charaterization Scott, so I won't want to?  Either way I win.  Can I join the Brotherhood?  Can I please please please?  Oh, this is so exciting.

I have no idea when it will be out.  I assume I will be in college.

Also, note: I've heard great things about Batman: Arkham Asylum/City, but why so few DC games otherwise?  I want a Green Lantern RPG next.  I will make a Milagro Reyes and then I will kick Sinestro's butt.


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