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As always, shamelessly stolen from one of the twenty billion or so fic authors whose journals I stalk.

Take twenty pairings, (or characters, because I don't think I HAVE twenty pairings), and twenty Shuffled songs.  Compare.

And We Begin... )
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Tonight, I have rediscovered:

1. The agony of far too many math problems of busywork with no shortcuts allowed in a lengthy concept that nevertheless I had no problems with back when I first learned it in SECOND GRADE and do not need to repeat and repeat ad nausuem. It's enough to make me want Calculus.

2. The fact that the ending of ESB makes me miserable and jumpy and in the mood to write five dozen AUs. The only cure for this is instant application of Return of the Jedi, but nooo, I had to do the above mentioned math homework.

3. And the joy of playing my flute! That felt nice to pick up again. Oddly, now that I'm no longer in a band, I find myself gravitating towards my el cheapo beginner's flute, and not just because my nice one refuses to play "F".
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It has occured to me (bringing alarm) that I haven't been to church in a month.  This is hardly my fault, of course- we were in the mountains, or Atlanta, and we did got to church at the beach a few weeks back- but I still feel bad.  On the plus side, I am leaving for church today in a few hours provided my sister isn't radically ill, so that's good.  I've missed it.

I like my church.  I'm Presbyterian, which can basically be summed up as "Will YOU be on the nominating committee to nominate those who will nominate those to be among the saved?"

(Man, i have been waiting for months to use that joke...  And of course it sucks.)

The only problem with my church, really, is that they cannot sing gospel to save their lives.  They sing it like they're singing in Latin, and I feel the need to stand up and scream "GOSPEL DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY," but of course I don't.  The choir directors are very nice people.  But gospel... That, I think, is what church is to me: gospel music and stained glass windows.  Those are the things that make me feel close to God (well, them and the Appalachians).  Our church has nice stained glass windows, but it really needs help with the gospel.


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