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div style="padding:16px;border:4px double #fff;text-align:center;background:#ada;color:#000">In 2009, siamesa resolves to...
Drink four glasses of avatar every day. Go to fanfiction every Sunday. Go to the davidson wildcats every month. Find a new siamesa. Connect with my inner mmattiacci. Lose ten carolina panthers by March.  
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Hmmm...  No, that might be painful but I shall try, YESYESYES except that basketball season only lasts so long, huh?, I shall try, and THAT should not be a problem at all.  We'll probably be dumping even more. And for another...
On the twelfth day of Christmas, siamesa sent to me...
Twelve comics drumming
Eleven dave barrys piping
Ten green lanterns a-leaping
Nine kittens dancing
Eight mmattiaccis a-milking
Seven siamesas a-reading
Six l_a_s_o_s a-writing
Five albu-u-u-umsonthesides
Four davidson wildcats
Three carolina panthers
Two star wars
...and a fanfiction in a country.
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There weren't enough friends/interests for the first four, so I filled them in myself.
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Tonight, I have rediscovered:

1. The agony of far too many math problems of busywork with no shortcuts allowed in a lengthy concept that nevertheless I had no problems with back when I first learned it in SECOND GRADE and do not need to repeat and repeat ad nausuem. It's enough to make me want Calculus.

2. The fact that the ending of ESB makes me miserable and jumpy and in the mood to write five dozen AUs. The only cure for this is instant application of Return of the Jedi, but nooo, I had to do the above mentioned math homework.

3. And the joy of playing my flute! That felt nice to pick up again. Oddly, now that I'm no longer in a band, I find myself gravitating towards my el cheapo beginner's flute, and not just because my nice one refuses to play "F".
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THE DOG has hiked up and down a mountain, cheerfully urging us onward. This from a creature that refuses to go around the block without being carried.

BOOSTER GOLD has met up with Zombeetle, and also there was a funeral scene that made me seriously want to punch Wonder Woman.

I have FOUND CONNECTIONS between my hobbies and those of my sister. "She made me watch Greek, yes. All the characters besides the villain actively annoyed me. It was kind of like X Men."


MY CAT has entered into a deep, hateful rivaly with Orange Neighbor Cat over who controls the prime hunting territory behind our house.

BONUS COUSIN has been given a name and soon will have a baby shower.
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Random things going on in my life.

1. I love my school.  Seriously.  It is sometimes a bittersweet love (everyone there is JUST as f***ed up as I am!) but it is love.
2. I feel guilty, because a lot of people there have problems like dead relatives and drugs and abuse and are happy and sociable and all I've got is some messed up neurons and I keep hiding under tables.
3. Dear Person On Internet: STFU!  Thank you.
8. Shall instead throw my energy into Star Wars!  Yay!  Fun and nonhurty!
9.  Shall stay FAR away from Anakin.
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1. Put away clothes. 
2. Write novel
3. get better at drawing fight scenes
4.  Find someone to help me with the blasted Ice Gate mission in Guild Wars.

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Alright, I mentioned a while back that frequently, Daddy goes to Lawyer Conferences, which are held at nice hotels so that people will actually attend.  This last one was at the Greenbrier, a famous old hotel in the West Virginia mountains.  I enjoyed it.  It had all the things I want in a hotel:

Pristine Mountain Setting- check.
Victorian Charm- check
Able to sleep in a different room from my sister- check
A Certain Quirkiness- check
Free Wireless- check.

So, yeah.  Highly recommended.  Try the spa.
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I feel cheerful, for the most part.  News, from the day, in no particular order:

1.  Am arguing with little brother.  Not good.  This is what happens when the little sister is out of the house.

2. Yet another person is claiming Harry Potter plagiarized their stuff.  Question: Are they as completely insane as the last one?

3. Someone has just said that Robin was the worst thing ever to happen to comics, and insulted the Batman and Sons webcomic.  On Scans_Daily, home of LOOK IT IS DICK GRAYSON ISN'T HE CUTE IN THAT DEATHTRAP FANGIRL LUFF.  Am monitering situation closely.  It most probably won't escalate beyond two or three polite comments, but I'm monitering it anyway.

4. We have located my cat's collar.


Overall, I'm in a pretty good mood, then.  Will do something nice for little brother later, though.
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Today's topic shall be: The Top Ten Reasons Why I Really Hate Alliteration You Must Watch Avatar.

1.  I am going to get this one out of the way.  Zuko.  Zuko starts his legacy of shirtless!episodes in the third episode, and this all leads up to the truly beautiful episode in the third season where he is at the beach and thus constantly clothed only in shorts and a vest.  Also he is a deeply, deeply interesting character with fascinating motivations and incredible character growth.  And in season two he pours water on his chest while shirtless.  I was seriously not aware I could be actracted to animated guys before these things started happening.
2. And on to the logical reasons.  The settings.  You've basically got the Water Tribe, the Earth Kindom, the Fire Nation, and the abandoned temples of the Air Nomads, and all of these have detailed and consistent fashion styles, architecture styles, and really, really beautiful backgrounds.
3.  Which brings me to point three: the animation.  The animation is awesome.  Full stop.  It's a bit shaky sometimes first season, but only compared to the stuff that follows.
4.  This, in turn, brings me to the fight scenes.  These are incredible.  You've got people controlling the elements, mixed with cool weaponry, mixed with people doing both- it is awesome.
5. Reason five: Actual Character Development.  Yes.  Really.  In an American cartoon.
6. Toph.  She does not appear until Season Two, however, so until then you must content yourself with
7. Iroh.  Which should not be difficult.  Cool Old Guy to the extreme.
8.  The MUSIC.  There are actual leitmotifs in this show.  It's like a movie score, and it, like the animation and the fight scenes, starts off strong in Season One and then blossoms into Utter Awesome.
9. The Mary Sues in the fandom are fun and easily mockable.
What, that wasn't a good reason?  Fine.
9.  If you do not like Zuko, there is always Sokka.
10. The Epic!ness and twistiness of the plot.  Yes, twistiness.  Not only do the good guys not always win, the show's good enough that even when they do, you aren't always expecting it.  Also people die.  Like, actual teenage characters die.  I still cannot believe this actually got shown on Nickelodeon, which is, like, the Channel of the Stupid.

Anyway.  Good show.  Fun show.  Must watch. 


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