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I'm beginning a very busy summer season, including my first attempt at leaving home without the parents in years (an important skill, seeing as I'm leaving for college in August) coming up in a couple of weeks.

Over last few days we went to a Lawyer Conference with Daddy at a very very nice hotel.  I love high-end hotels, and they are something I will miss once I move out into the real world.  Staying in the fantasy world for now, however, we also went through a tiny town in West Virginia where I discovered my latest Dream Home, a big historic colonial mansion in the mountains right across from a Historic Memorial.  I also added a nearby restaurant as one of only two outside-of-NC locations on my internal List of Places With Decent Barbecue.

On the nerddom front, my disappointment that Green Lantern apparently wasn't very good (I will have to rent it once it comes on DVD and decide for myself, as reviews suggest it's not worth enduring a theater for) is somewhat tempered by the happy fact that X-Men First Class caaused a nice fic explosion for one of my favorite pairings.

Speaking of fic: I have a shaping up to be epic that I believe there will be decent interest in.  However: I was bitten by the plot bunny for it while reading someone else's drabble.  My fic has a different backstory, is in a different 'verse, and for the most part stars different characters, but the general inspiration-type-thing is the same- though it's an AU-setting that others have used as well and that I've worked to have a unique take on.  While I know the drabble author's name, I've never interacted with them and am not sure if they're still fandom-active. 

What is the etiquette for this situation?


Nov. 17th, 2010 08:52 pm
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New keyboard- actual, functional l key, always a plus.  Problem with the capslock, though- more bulletins as events warrent.  Also, it is large and clunky, things that I like and value in a keyboard.  Laptop-style ones make me feel like I'm not even typing, and make no happy clicky noises.  That being said, my old one made very nice clicky noises, and these different ones will take some getting used to.

Anyway.  Other news.

Green Lantern trailer- entertaining enough.  Still plan to see the movie.

School- I do not know why teacher A doesn't like me, and I am at a loss to explain why teacher B does.  She is a wonderful person and I very much like her, but I continually fail to keep on pace in her classes and yet she keeps asking me back.

I am considering dropping Generation Lost if the whole Ice situation does not improve.  She is a Norwegian ice princess.  She is not an offensive Roma stereotype loaded with angst.  Get this right, irritating writer person.  I will pick up Birds of Prey instead if I follow through on this.  Gail SImone understands proper characterization.

On the Marvel side of the aisle, Children's Crusade continues to be lovely.  Billy and Teddy are cuddly, Magneto is snarky, and Doctor Doom has a very, very nefarious plan.  It is clearly shaping up to be Billy's story more than anybody else's, but that is just fine because he is my favorite.

My webcomic for school is shaping up nicely.  Look for it online in early December most probably.
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Alright!  Back from the mountains, lovely as usual if a tad rainy.

Anyway, I've been thinking lately about movies, and figured I'd update. 

I've made my Lou's Annual Theater Visit, to see How To Train Your Dragon.  Recommended.  Cute, sweet, and very well told.  I want my own Toothless.  So, in the future...

Next year or so's Annual Visit looks to be Green Lantern, if only because it promises to be pretty and exciting.  Also, Hal's costume will be entirely CGI, which sounds very, VERY pretty, if you get what I mean.  I'm kind of hoping that maybe the 3D trend will hold and I'll get to see punch out of the screen space fighting, but even if not, I'm cautiously optimistic.

I will not be seeing The Last Airbender, and I will be encouraging no one else to see it, either.

Also, I need every library and bookstore in town to report to my room now, please, as there are about twenty thousand books I need nownownow.

Finally, I rode Large Pretty Horse again.  His name is Case, and I love him even if he does not seem to exactly love me.

Old Comics

Jan. 1st, 2010 07:37 pm
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My maternal grandfather has a habit of collecting things.  All sorts of things- he's got arrowheads, old guns, a ton of Confederate money, gemstones- and a few months ago he got his hands on a couple of boxes of old comic books,70s-80s mostly.  I don't think there's exactly anything valuable in there, but there's a veritable treasure trove of Claremont X Men that I've been reading, as well as some old Green Lantern and the ridiculous old Jimmy Olsen books.  Very fun.

I continue to lament my descent into shipperdom- once again, at a dramatic moment, my thoughts were along the line of "dammit, go away Lilandra, they were about to kiss!"- but it's been fun so far except for the fact that now they're all over my bed.

Also, we watched our DVD of the Star Trek movie last night.  Good times, good times.  I really love Spock.
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We went to see Star Trek today;  I reccommend it highly.

The battles were excellent, the special effects were almost uniformly good, the characters were both true to form and fantastic, and I was at the edge of my seat.  (The theater we went to actually has decent seats, too.  They literally rock, always a fun plus.)

Was there a major Star Wars influence?  It had a lot of the same stuff that makes me love SW, sure, but I felt it managed to be itself.  Admittedly, I'm far from a hardcore Trekkie/Trekker/Whatever the fandom currently calls itself, but I do know a bit about and enjoy the shows, particularly the Original Series, and I thought that this captured its attitude really well.

So, yeah.  Pulse pounding, pretty, and featuring shirtless!young!Kirk- overall I'd say this one is a winner.

Tune in next year for Lou's next Semi Annual Theater Visit!


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