Oct. 20th, 2010 07:46 pm
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Acupuncture seems to be working!  Hurt much less.

Rode again!  YAyayayayyayay!  I got to ride Case, and he was such a good boy by Case standards!  He trotted around corners when asked and did not eat the ponies.  So good to see him again- I gave him so many hugs.

When I was small, I used to divide my brain up into lots of little people who ran my personality.  Have a sampling of their thoughts on the Avengers cartoon deal.

Into Lou's Head! )

Into Lou's Head! )
I hope you have all learned something valuable.  Now outta my head.

Also, doing schoolwork, blah blah blah.  Some kids at school and I might have a LoTR marathon.  Tai brought us a portion of squirrel to share.


Oct. 7th, 2010 02:51 pm
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Various updates.

1. Got acupuncture today.  Fascinating.  Feel very relaxed.

2. Fall is settling in, and as it gets cold Tai and Delilah get cuddly.  Cuddlier. 

3.  I'm still fairly ticked off about the Avengers cartoon issue.  Like, really ticked off.


Sep. 6th, 2010 11:38 am
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My cat got into yet another fight and not only aquired a lovely new facial scar, but a wound on his neck that has now abcessed and required a stay at the vet's while she drains it and gets him some meds.

I'm worried and sad.
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I returned home from the hospital on Wednesday, actually. It wasn't that fun. The food was bland when I could eat, and when I couldn't I was kind of miserable. I hate throwing up. I hate pain. The doctor skirted around saying it, but I will probably have these dang things at irregular intervals for the rest of my life.

I thought all my illnesses were mental. I'm just sayin'.

On the plus side, morphine is a wonderful, wonderful thing, making me feel woozy and full of love.

Also I got a new plush cat, so, yeah, score!

My live cat is very very thrilled to have me back, purring and purring.  On Monday I'll be headed back to school. 

Under the Cut, Have Something I've Become a Bit Addicted To )
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Anyway, news lately...

Booster Gold 27: Poor Booster. On the other hand, I'm cheerfully slinking even further into Blue Lantern Corps territory re: a certain ship of mine.

Linkara: Staying classy despite being a conservative on the internet, poor thing. Really, the only political thing you can get from his reviews is that he loves guns, I don't get why people are jumping on him.

My cat: hairballed on my bed at 2 am a few nights ago.

The kitten: is much too fond of her new green, nicely decorated toy. Why, it has branches! And little dangling things! Mom's taken to storing the squirt gun beside it, or come the 25th we aren't going to have much of a Christmas tree anymore.
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My Siamese, Tai?  My wonderful, darling baby?  I love him dearly, but sometimes he can seriously try my patience.  He would like to now offer all of y'all some advice.

At least, I can only assume this is what he was thinking.

"Need a perfect gift for your favorite human?  Leave a deceased rodent in her doorway!  It's sure to thrill and impress her!  And is your kitchen lacking that je ne sais quoi?  Well, then, the "feathers of baby bird"  coating the floor may just be the look for you!"


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