Apr. 3rd, 2011 07:52 pm
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We have another dog!

His name is Toby, and he's a collie mix we adopted from the humane society.  He and Gracie are only allowed to interact with supervision, but seem to be getting along very well.  The cats are ignoring him.

So excited!


Sep. 6th, 2010 11:38 am
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My cat got into yet another fight and not only aquired a lovely new facial scar, but a wound on his neck that has now abcessed and required a stay at the vet's while she drains it and gets him some meds.

I'm worried and sad.
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THE DOG has hiked up and down a mountain, cheerfully urging us onward. This from a creature that refuses to go around the block without being carried.

BOOSTER GOLD has met up with Zombeetle, and also there was a funeral scene that made me seriously want to punch Wonder Woman.

I have FOUND CONNECTIONS between my hobbies and those of my sister. "She made me watch Greek, yes. All the characters besides the villain actively annoyed me. It was kind of like X Men."


MY CAT has entered into a deep, hateful rivaly with Orange Neighbor Cat over who controls the prime hunting territory behind our house.

BONUS COUSIN has been given a name and soon will have a baby shower.
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My Siamese, Tai?  My wonderful, darling baby?  I love him dearly, but sometimes he can seriously try my patience.  He would like to now offer all of y'all some advice.

At least, I can only assume this is what he was thinking.

"Need a perfect gift for your favorite human?  Leave a deceased rodent in her doorway!  It's sure to thrill and impress her!  And is your kitchen lacking that je ne sais quoi?  Well, then, the "feathers of baby bird"  coating the floor may just be the look for you!"
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I have returned from the mountains!  Vacation was fun and relaxing and rain on the mountains is always beautiful.  The pets were thrilled to see us return, although Tai did not eat his catfood and I am very concerned about what exactly he was eating instead.  It was baby rabbits, I know it.  CONFOUND IT CAT, DO YOU HAVE NO SENSE OF DECENCY?!

In happier news, the guinea pigs seem to be doing well.  Their names are Teddy and George (or, as I call them, Theodore Roosevelt and George Washington), and we've had them for a couple of years now.  They make "wheeking" noises when they hear the refriedgerator open because they know that it is where the carrots are kept, and they are just all around adorable.
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Behind the LJ cut (my fun new skill) are some pics of my cats.  Hurrah!

Click for the pics! )
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So, you may have noticed on here that I occasionally joke about my fun redneck relatives.  It's mostly exaggerated, of course, although I think my dad and my uncle are the only two males in their familes not to have at least one deer head in their living rooms.

But generally?  I love my family.  There's nothing wrong with being country, and I love, love, love wide open spaces, and it's great to have people I can visit who live on them and cook great food.

But there's a dark side.

Fine, there's multiple dark sides.  I'm from the bleeping South, people around here fly Confederate flags, there are some downright nasty dark sides.

But that's not what I ran into today.   No, what I ran into today is this: PETS ARE NOT DISPOSABLE, BLEEP YOU.

Are you listening to me, uncle-on-my-mom's-side?  Are you listening to me?  I look at the kitten, the kitten you gave us- her brother just ran off or got caught by a coyote, and you don't even care.  You have two cats left, but one of them is pregnant and so for a few months there'll be kittens until something gets them and you continue not to care.

You could spay her, you know.  You neutered the indoor cat, but Annie (Little Orphan Annie, then Little Orphan Andrew,  plain Andrew, Anakin, Ani, Vader Cat, plain Annie, or Pumkinhead) is a special case and plus he's mostly my aunt's.  (Man, he's a great cat, though.  You don't deserve him, you really don't.)

Your dogs are constantly rotating.

Maybe I'm a city girl.  Maybe, because we'll put the kitten on a handmade pureed diet when she starts throwing up, or rush the guinea pig to the emergency vet for an IV, or purchase the Boston Terrier multiple tshirts- maybe I'm the one who views animals weirdly.

But I don't think so.

I really don't think so.

I spent a while petting poor Shade, your pregnant outdoor cat, my kitten's aunt. 

She purred, and purred, and purred, and like all your pets I try my darndest not to get attached and I can't help it because doggone it, just listen to that purr.

So, random people reading this: Spay.  Neuter.  And you, uncle- I really do love you.  You're a great guy.  And I know you've got a lot on your plate and I'm a spoiled fifteen year old with no real clue how the world works.

But I don't get it.  And maybe I'm hopelessly naive, and maybe I'm stupid, and maybe I'm being unfair- but every time I pet one of them, I know that I might never see it again and it certainly won't get the little grave in the backyard that my first cat got.

(On the other hand, Little Orphan What's His Name would've died without you being there for him, and you did get the newest dog all fixed up after he ran into the road about a week after he showed up at your door.)

I just don't know.

I just... don't know.
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(I'm just saying that maybe Not Having Friends was much easier because I didn't have to worry that I was being all clingy and Doing Everything Wrong and the only problems I had to worry about were mine.)

But enough of that.

In an attempt to get my mind onto a somewhat less depressing topic, I shall now babble on about some more of my family's pets- the guinea pigs, Teddy and George.

Our first guinea pig was named Spot.  He was black and white and very friendly, and lived in a large cage in my little brother's room, which he enjoyed running around in when he wasn't playing outside, eating, or sleeping.  I had been very skeptical of the idea of a guinea pig at the time- I suspected it would be like the class hampsters from school, spending all of its time as a sleeping lump of fur. 

But Spot had personality.  He eventually won me over when he learned to "wheek" at the top of his lungs whenever he heard the refridgerator open- hopefully, it was Carrot Time!

Spot died a few years ago, and was missed.  Eventually, we decided that we did not have enough small furry things in our house, and so ended up with two more, Teddy and George.  We're fairly sure that they're brothers, as they look almost identical and actually get along.  They, too, have learned that an opening refridgerator could signal carrots.

(I really have no idea what to say.  I haven't been in a real social situation comfortably for years and I don't think that people want to talk to me so when they do I say nothing because if I say anything I'm being pushy and overstepping boundaries and so no one talked to me anymore because I didn't start conversations and now that people are trying again I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO."

So I talk about my pets. 


This really wasn't supposed to be an Angst Post.  That tag is too big.)


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