Oct. 20th, 2010 07:46 pm
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Acupuncture seems to be working!  Hurt much less.

Rode again!  YAyayayayyayay!  I got to ride Case, and he was such a good boy by Case standards!  He trotted around corners when asked and did not eat the ponies.  So good to see him again- I gave him so many hugs.

When I was small, I used to divide my brain up into lots of little people who ran my personality.  Have a sampling of their thoughts on the Avengers cartoon deal.

Into Lou's Head! )

Into Lou's Head! )
I hope you have all learned something valuable.  Now outta my head.

Also, doing schoolwork, blah blah blah.  Some kids at school and I might have a LoTR marathon.  Tai brought us a portion of squirrel to share.


Oct. 7th, 2010 02:51 pm
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Various updates.

1. Got acupuncture today.  Fascinating.  Feel very relaxed.

2. Fall is settling in, and as it gets cold Tai and Delilah get cuddly.  Cuddlier. 

3.  I'm still fairly ticked off about the Avengers cartoon issue.  Like, really ticked off.


Aug. 4th, 2010 05:31 pm
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 First of all- I'm at the beach!  Yayayayay!  Great to be here, even if the number of people in the house is a little bit nervewracking. 

And more notes...

I do not like your fanfic.  I do not understand your total hate-on for a perfectly good character and a perfectly good ship.  I do not understand why you spite your own readers.  I do not understand your OOC behavior, your logic fail, or your insistance that you are right and everyone else is wrong.  I do not like you.

And what I like even less is that you write for the canon.


I have two new swimsuits!  They are very very pretty.


I have a half-formed thingy on the Lars family that I hope to post within the week.  


And that about sums it up, I think.
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Tonight, I have rediscovered:

1. The agony of far too many math problems of busywork with no shortcuts allowed in a lengthy concept that nevertheless I had no problems with back when I first learned it in SECOND GRADE and do not need to repeat and repeat ad nausuem. It's enough to make me want Calculus.

2. The fact that the ending of ESB makes me miserable and jumpy and in the mood to write five dozen AUs. The only cure for this is instant application of Return of the Jedi, but nooo, I had to do the above mentioned math homework.

3. And the joy of playing my flute! That felt nice to pick up again. Oddly, now that I'm no longer in a band, I find myself gravitating towards my el cheapo beginner's flute, and not just because my nice one refuses to play "F".
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THE DOG has hiked up and down a mountain, cheerfully urging us onward. This from a creature that refuses to go around the block without being carried.

BOOSTER GOLD has met up with Zombeetle, and also there was a funeral scene that made me seriously want to punch Wonder Woman.

I have FOUND CONNECTIONS between my hobbies and those of my sister. "She made me watch Greek, yes. All the characters besides the villain actively annoyed me. It was kind of like X Men."


MY CAT has entered into a deep, hateful rivaly with Orange Neighbor Cat over who controls the prime hunting territory behind our house.

BONUS COUSIN has been given a name and soon will have a baby shower.
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I feel cheerful, for the most part.  News, from the day, in no particular order:

1.  Am arguing with little brother.  Not good.  This is what happens when the little sister is out of the house.

2. Yet another person is claiming Harry Potter plagiarized their stuff.  Question: Are they as completely insane as the last one?

3. Someone has just said that Robin was the worst thing ever to happen to comics, and insulted the Batman and Sons webcomic.  On Scans_Daily, home of LOOK IT IS DICK GRAYSON ISN'T HE CUTE IN THAT DEATHTRAP FANGIRL LUFF.  Am monitering situation closely.  It most probably won't escalate beyond two or three polite comments, but I'm monitering it anyway.

4. We have located my cat's collar.


Overall, I'm in a pretty good mood, then.  Will do something nice for little brother later, though.


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