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Some are serious, some aren't.  Be forwarned that I have taken my nighttime meds and am perhaps not entirely in sound mind.

Writing!  Writing writing writing so much fun.  I have a Star Wars short thing almost done.  Do not actually know where I will post it as I have completly forgotten all my details, and also if I log in I will feel compelled to fix all the brokeness in Crashing In Time's formatting and I'm not sure I can do that.

I have come to the conclusion that the reason I adore Billy Kaplan is that he is essentially Luke Skywalker.

Please take the above conclusion with several grains of salt.

I have come to the less pleasant conclusion that Something Needs To Be Done about our justice system, and also that there's very little effect I, personally, can have on that situation.  This leads into various depressing thoughts about whether I can actually do anything with my life what with my inability to engage in meaningful social interaction without panic attack. Is my current goal really archaeology?  Is that feasible?  Can I do that, even, be a grad student and do the grunt work and travel to various locations and probably have to use public restrooms?  And even if I can, is it kind of selfish?

Also it is my twenty-five-billionth career goal this year alone, so, you know.

I like drawing almost as much as writing.  I am making interpretations of all the Guild Wars armors and when I get Flash for Christmas I will make dress up games.  I have been reading tutorials.

Didn't I write this long drawn out comparison between the Skywalker, Bat, Maximoff-etc, and Fire Nation Royal families?  I should find and post that sometime.

Someone a few rooms over is watching movies. 

And I should probably go to bed.


Oct. 20th, 2010 07:46 pm
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Acupuncture seems to be working!  Hurt much less.

Rode again!  YAyayayayyayay!  I got to ride Case, and he was such a good boy by Case standards!  He trotted around corners when asked and did not eat the ponies.  So good to see him again- I gave him so many hugs.

When I was small, I used to divide my brain up into lots of little people who ran my personality.  Have a sampling of their thoughts on the Avengers cartoon deal.

Into Lou's Head! )

Into Lou's Head! )
I hope you have all learned something valuable.  Now outta my head.

Also, doing schoolwork, blah blah blah.  Some kids at school and I might have a LoTR marathon.  Tai brought us a portion of squirrel to share.

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In light of recent Idiot Radio Host developments, but a rant I've been boiling for a while...

The first amendment.  Arguably the most misinterpretated part of American law.  Here are some helpful tips:

1. The First Amendment doesn't mean you can say whatever you like.  You can't howl "fire" in a crowded theater, to give the most obvious example.  You can't call somebody with a bomb hoax.  You can't blatantly lie about your income tax record.  These things are not protected.

2. Free Speech does not apply to just you.  It also applies to the people who disagree and wish to tell you so. 

3. The First Amendment of the US Constitution does not nessesarily apply to an international chatroom or message board.  Really.

4th, somewhat unrelatedly, if you seriously do not understand why it's not okay for white people to fling around the n-word, I have a remedial history class I can give you.  Possibly with a hammer.

Thank you all.

Signing off, Lou.
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That up there?  The string of IIIIIIIIIs?

That is my wall.  I have decided this.  I am building it.

I will start with a small cabin in the NC mountains, bought cheap because it will start out as a trailer.  I will have a shotgun, some pistols, and two or three very large dogs.  Somewhere back on the edge of the property, I will dig a hidey-hole big enough to sleep in, and stock it with food.

Then I will build my wall.

I say this because I read history books, and I read current affairs, and I am genuinely afraid that at some point in my life I will end up living under a facist government and I will need to be prepared.  There is a lot of scary scary hate running around in this country at the moment, and a lot of the time people aren't stopping it. 

Look, I love my country.  I believe in America.  But nothing in history has stayed together.  Sooner or later, humanity forgets the lessons it has learned. 

Here's what I get in the paper this morning.  Some people don't like what the President's doing, and so they protest.  Nothing wrong with that.  Every President has been protested.  Every President has also deserved it.  But what you get is the extremes, the white supremacists, the creep who said he preferred to be termed a "seperatist", and they hang around the edges and start bringing signs and tossing slurs.  And no one does a thing.  Little kids come to those protests- people always bring some kids to protests, and as a kid I can honestly not imagine anything I would have enjoyed doing less, but anyway- kids are there.  A kid hears one of those creeps talking, is she going to look at her black classmates the same way?  If her parents do the polite thing, and ignore the crazies like they aren't there, that kid still has ears.  I was a kid.  We hear more than you think.

So, this gets printed in the newspaper, and the basic response?

"Oh, yeah?  Well, what about the racism in the NAACP?"

The clear implication being, you know, make yourselves perfect and then maybe you can complain about people throwing racial slurs in your direction.

No.  Screw that.  I'm going to spell it out real clear and easy: The white supremacists are the bad guys, here.  I do not understand why this is such a difficult thing to grasp.

Anyway, I fully antcipate the local editor's letters page to become furious and hostile as angry people on all sides and some who just want their names in the paper chime in at the top of their lungs.  Freedome of speech, I tell myself.  The country's still strong.

But I can't ignore the hate everywhere.  Things are festering again.  Last time this happened, I think, we got the sixties. 

I'm just not sure that this time we're gonna be that lucky.


Jun. 18th, 2010 04:51 pm
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A few random thoughts:

Tomorrow I leave for Europe.  Very, very nervous-making, but I am looking forward to this trip.  I am.

Arizona: I understand that you are trying to beat out South Carolina as the Crazy State.  You aren't going to succeed.  You're merely starting to try to pass unconstitutional laws on citizenship.  SC started the Civil War.

Speaking of SC, last week a guy in the town my grandmother is from saw Bigfoot and claimed it had "beautiful fur."  Arizona: behind and falling.

My cousin in Florida is getting two horses.  I am happy for her.  I am not bitter and jealous.  Really.

Well, I am happy for her.

Speaking of cousins, continue to face the difficulty that me and more than a few of my relatives have really, really different political views, including some of the ones I feel strongly about.  This can be kind of difficult to deal with at times.

Speaking of relatives, my grandparents are taking care of the dog and taking her to their house while we're gone.  I expect to return and find a much heavier Boston Terrier than we left.

That's all for now, I think.

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A lawmaker in Arizona has gotten some ethnic studies classes outlawed for promoting "racial hatred" primarily because *gasp* they teach that other races have been oppressed by white people.  He feels that this will lead to the overthrow of the US government.

He also compares this "hatred" to the Old South.

And this is where I went from "outraged" to "posting".

Lemme explain the Old South to you, mister, as a history student and a scholar and as somebody whose ancestors were part of it.  From what I know, most of my ancestors didn't own slaves.  This wasn't, as far as I know, anything moral- most of my ancestors were dirt poor smalltime farmers in a state that didn't have many rich plantations anyway.  I am somewhat suspicious of where the big white house down in South Carolina came from, but that's my grandmother's family, which I don't know much about.  My ancestors were confederate soldiers, except for one distant cousin, who was Abraham Lincoln.  After the war, some relatives had black field hands or nannies.  One great great grandmother might have been black, or she might have been Cherokee, or she might have been just dark skinned.  Whatever it was, they didn't put it in the records. 

What I'm trying to say here, is, the New South is complicated, and the Old South was worse, and is essentially covered by a generation and a thin scab.  The old South was lynchings and slavery and death and blood and hatred.  It was a thin veneer of honor and scattered rich folk in dress uniforms sewn by women who'd seen their children torn away and sold like they were no better than the cloth and needles.  It was going to church one day and whipping the back of a child the next.  It was murdering some idealistic Yankee schoolmarm who'd come down South to teach free black children.  It was men in white sheets gathering in the pinewoods.  It was some sixteen year old boy who'd never seen a slave fighting and dying for what they told him were his "rights".  It was a woman on a bus who'd had a long day and a hard life and was tired of moving back.

What I'm trying to say here is, it wasn't an ethnic studies class.

Come around here, mister lawmaker who actually got his hateful scared little bill passed.  I'll even get my license, so I can drive you around to a little cemetary with bright new Confederate flags, to a battlefield where they say they still see ghosts, to an old plantation where they keep the stocks in plain view.

And hey, maybe I'll get my little brother to build a time machine, and I'll take you back to the Old South itself.

I think you'd fit in well there.
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Failiness of world, in a few notes.

1. The Last Airbender was cast in a racist manner.  Yes it was.  Katara is not /whiter than I am/.  That is kind of fail on a special level.  I'm sorry if you do not want to face this being a problem.  It kind of is.  That's kind of common sense.  

2. Unrelated: The fact that I am religious and Southern doesn't make me an ignorant bigot. 

3.  Other religious, Southern people: please to stop perpretrating this stereotype.

4. People in fourth block: insulting my best friend is not the new, highest form of entertainment.  He was the first person in years to show overt friendship to me without getting something in return.  Stuff that up your pieholes.

And good things lately?

1. I got to go to a Bobcats basketball playoff game (we got swept) and sit on the same row as Stephen Curry.  During halftime, my father went over to introduce himself.  I'd put in a bit here about hating to do that to celebrities, but, honestly, that's kind of how my dad reacts to anyone who went to his college, whether they starred in basketball there or not.  Also I got a picture with him, and apologized profusely.  (My dad is also obsessed with his new cell phone camera.  Hey, I love you Dad.)

2. I've read several excellent books lately, and reread many more.

3. GENERATION LOST IN LIKE TWO WEEKS!  YAY!  There shall be Booster, and Jaime!Beetle, and Ice, and Fire, and unfortunatelyevil!Max and YAY!
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Alright!  Back from the mountains, lovely as usual if a tad rainy.

Anyway, I've been thinking lately about movies, and figured I'd update. 

I've made my Lou's Annual Theater Visit, to see How To Train Your Dragon.  Recommended.  Cute, sweet, and very well told.  I want my own Toothless.  So, in the future...

Next year or so's Annual Visit looks to be Green Lantern, if only because it promises to be pretty and exciting.  Also, Hal's costume will be entirely CGI, which sounds very, VERY pretty, if you get what I mean.  I'm kind of hoping that maybe the 3D trend will hold and I'll get to see punch out of the screen space fighting, but even if not, I'm cautiously optimistic.

I will not be seeing The Last Airbender, and I will be encouraging no one else to see it, either.

Also, I need every library and bookstore in town to report to my room now, please, as there are about twenty thousand books I need nownownow.

Finally, I rode Large Pretty Horse again.  His name is Case, and I love him even if he does not seem to exactly love me.
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I'm really, genuinely angry.  I mean, really, genuinely angry.  And - I cannot believe I'm saying this in a public post- I'm actually also angry at my dad.  Legitimately and morally.  I don't think that's something I'm supposed to admit, particuarly about something I doubt he remembers saying. 

But, screw it.  I'm mad.

Still mad.  The operative dang word is still mad.

Everybody on the internet went through the brouhaha over the Avatar- sorry, "Last Airbender," thank you, J Cameron - casting.  I was angry then, but it coalesced into a sort of seething rage that's only recently broiled up to the surface.

Race is a touchy subject, and it's a damned touchy subject around here.  Polite people polite company just don't bring it up.  We really, really don't want to remember that two generations ago my best friend and I couldn't have hung out together in public- not that we'd have ever met.  People really want to have a sense of "oh, that's over and done with."  About the only place it's mentioned is the opinion portion of the local newspaper, and while that would seem big, the opinion page of the local newspaper is generally devoted to arguing whether said newspaper is a puppet of the conservative warmongering fascits, or of the America-destroying liberal communists.  Godwin's Law gets broken like the place is an internet forum.

But I digress.

I'm mad about theAvatar casting.  I'm mad that only the villains and possibly one sacrificial love interest are Asian.  I'm mad that Sokka and Katara lost about twelve skin tones.  I was never naiive enough to think they wouldn't cast Aang white, but EVERYBODY just makes me want to splat things even after all this time.  And you know what else still bites me, after months?  The assumption made by the man who taught me that all people are created equal that white audiences are going to relate more to white characters.  "Who's going to be watching and paying for the thing?"  indeed.  The Asian style didn't stop me from falling in love with the show.  It didn't stop anyone from falling in love with the show. 

And then there's that argument I keep seeing, "Would you complain if they cast Harry Potter (or some random chara, doesn't matter) black?"  Guess what?  They didn't.

That's not damn relevant, because they didn't.

And I- you know what, LJ?  I feel personally insulted that someone thinks I need people of my own skin tone to relate to.  Frak that.  Society wants to move on, you know.  And I give this message both to the the Move I Won't Be Seeing, and, unrelatedly enough, to the man in charge of the Company Whose Comics I Don't Buy: When you let people move on, they will.  And when you don't, they won't.

Nothing about this fiasco, or about the promo pics, or about the reviews or the fandom has convinced ME to move on.

I'll tell you that, right now.
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Two posts in a day?  Why in heaven's name is this?

Well, I shall tell you.  This is the culmination of a rant that's been freaking building up in me for QUITE SOME TIME, and that is quite simply the fact that a lot of the time in comics I feel a little bit on the outside looking in.

Not in the fandom.  The fandom has been nothing less than welcoming, and funfunFUN, and hilarious.  And I haven't experienced any of the horror stories, where everyone in the comic store reacts in shock when a GIRL walks in.  Generally I'm one of several girls in there, in fact, often including one behind the cash register.

It's just... the books.  It's the fact that nine times out of ten, it seems, female characters are slotted into "love interest."  It's that I can count on one hand the number of prominent, female Green Lanterns in normal costumes like the boys wear as opposed to bikinis and tiny leotards.  It's going to the library, picking up a book, and seeing that on the back cover, freaking Birds of Prey is advertised as containing the "sexiest superheroines in the DCU."  Not "badass," which is true.  Not "well written," which was even truer.  Looking at the back of that book, I didn't get the feeling I was supposed to think "Woah, Black Canary is an awesome person," I got the feeling that I was expected to think "Look, fishnets!"

It's not the big things, really, not nowadays.  There are a lot of seriously awesome, kickass women in comics.  Lois Lane has gone from falling out of windows and plotting to get Superman to marry her by any means possible to a severely awesome reporter who is, by the way, currently married to Clark Kent/Supes, andgoshdangitI'mthisclosetohavinganotherOTP.  Wonder Woman is badass even if she does fight evil in a bathing suit.  Soranik Natu is probably my favorite character in GLC, eclipsing even Guy Gardner.

But, still.  Look!  Boob window!  Look, fishnets!  It's not the costumes themselves (okay, fine, a lot of it is), it's the attitude.  It's wanting to read a freaking STORY, not be presented with butt shots every two panels.

I love comics.  I'm just beginning to be concerned that they don't love me.


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