Aug. 29th, 2011 05:35 pm
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I'm grumpy right now.

I'm grumpy because Oracle's been rebooted.

I'm grumpy because I've been having panic attacks.

I'm grumpy because I burned my hand two days ago and now my teapot makes me nervous.

I'm grumpy because Bachmann just claimed the recent natural disasters were because God's mad at Obama.

I'm grumpy that apparently this is what it takes for women to be prominent politicians in this country, that women who think and care and aren't raving bigots get no attention.

I'm actually really, really grumpy about Oracle, and may make a seperate post.

I'm grumpy because my side hurts bad and I don't need a kidney stone right now, no I don't.

But I'm happy because I have tea, and the cafeteria served pasta and yummy bread, and Photoshop finally downloaded correctly, and while I don't know why God does things any more than certain presidential candidates do, I do know that He made these mountains and they make me happy.

So maybe I'm feeling pretty good.
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 We've been up at the cabin most of the last few weeks, so not much in the way of internet.  I'll try to catch up with y'all as soon as I can, but right now I'm just in the library for a few minutes.

-Got myself psyched up to take my driver's test only to discover the office is closed on Tuesdays.
-Have broken up with DC, am having attachment-less one night stand with Marvel.
-College in three weeks!  So nervous.
-Won Mass Effect, 2/3rds of way through Mass Effect 2.  Romancing Garrus.

That's about it for now.  Hopefully talk to every one soon.
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Good, nay, GREAT:
I'm riding again!  I'm riding again! Yippee yi yay, I'm riding again!  Yahooooo!  Feels so great to be back on a horse.  This one's name is Ellie Mae, she's chestnut and sweet and wonderful.

Also good:
Had a wonderful time in the mountains.  I've discovered that really, all my siblings need to get along is the presence of one of the two Cousins Around Our Ages.  I'm fairly sure that Bonus Cousin calms us all down as well, but truly adorable babies have a way of doing that.  (I got to HOLD her!)

Not so good:
Why is it that in fandom, "you're a girl, your opinion doesn't matter" and "feminism=THEEBIL" still seem to be valid views?  Forgive me for stooping to their level, but is it because they're stuck in kindergarten?  Is it because they never get laid?* Is it because my grammar intimidates them?  I don't know.  I do know that there's a reason us fangirls run in packs, and I'm sticking close to mine, I think.

And to round off with good: Have finally installed Photoshop on this computer!  Perhaps, someday, I'll even make some icons that aren't that lovely hippo.


(*Says the 16 year old who's never been kissed)
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So, we went up to the mountains last weekend.  I love the mountains, but I've gone on and on about that loads of times before. 

We actually started out at my grandparents' up in Winston Salem, and got to be at their 50th anniversary party.  Yay, party.  Thankfully it was small and there was a garden to escape to.  Also most of those in attendance were relatives.  Sunday, however, we got to head up to the mountains.

No hiking this trip, but the weather was great, crisp and cool.  I did a LOT of drawing and some writing, but all of it was longhand in my Mountain Notebook. 

The most fun part, however, was actually shooting stuff with the BB Gun.  I've decided I need to learn how to shoot if I'm going to live alone in the mountains when I grow up and be a crazy hermit, but it's one of those things I've done a couple of times and sucked at.  In the mountains, however, I utilized new concepts such as "aiming" and I think I'm shaping up to be a decent shot.  Knocking over cans was fun.  Eventually, I want to use the actual shotgun, but I think we're going to have to leave the yard to do that.
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Alright, I mentioned a while back that frequently, Daddy goes to Lawyer Conferences, which are held at nice hotels so that people will actually attend.  This last one was at the Greenbrier, a famous old hotel in the West Virginia mountains.  I enjoyed it.  It had all the things I want in a hotel:

Pristine Mountain Setting- check.
Victorian Charm- check
Able to sleep in a different room from my sister- check
A Certain Quirkiness- check
Free Wireless- check.

So, yeah.  Highly recommended.  Try the spa.
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We saw bears.  Wild ones.  Four of them.

To be more specific, four bears were spotted.  I only saw one, and no individual family member saw more than three.   Three were in the yard at various times of the day, and one was on top of the mountain, seen only by mom, as she was hiking ahead of the rest of us.  The one I saw was wandering through the yard, presumably in pursuit of food and following the flattest path that wasn't the forest road.  It left quickly after briefly sniffing at the cars.

Now, remember, folks: Do not feed bears.  Do not play with bears.  Do not follow bears around into the woods.  Retain a deep, deep respect for and distance from the bears.

Anyway, still sure y'all wanna stay at the mountain house?

Back Home!

Apr. 19th, 2009 04:17 pm
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Today we returned from the mountains!  It was a weekend of hiking.

Daddy and I hiked for four hours yesterday along a ridge, down into a valley with a creek, and back up onto and down the ridge.  It was strenous, it was tiring, but I managed to have a nice conversation with my father outside of Davidson/Panthers seasons, and that is always an accomplishment.

(Plus we ate lunch at the top of a waterfall on the creek, and aside from the orange trying to escape to the swimming hole below, it was very wonderful.  We must return there with the rest of the family when it is actually warm enough to swim at the bottom.)

Today, we did some more hiking, along- I kid y'all not- Darkside Cliffs. 


That name really inspires confidence.

The view from the top was excellent, and the hike itself was pretty easy, but I really don't want the names of my trails to include either "Darkside" or "Cliffs".


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