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DC-wise, Brave and the Bold is awesome, fun, and the kind of cartoon that kids shoud be watching, except for certain parts like the song that the Birds of Prey sang about how many superheroes were bad in bed.  /I/ sure enjoyed watching that bit, though.  Also it has Jaime Reyes, which is YAY! and an ep with Ted and Booster, which is Not Avaliable in the US Yet.  (sad).

Marvel-wise, I've been watching the little preview videos for the Avengers cartoon, and most of them look pretty nice, though I will admit that the Avengers aren't really tops on my list of superhero teams.  Still, they're entertaining enough, and the show looks to be decent.  They have deviated from the norm somewhat in one area that makes me alittle iffy-feeling, though.  Typical cartoon logic is that WWII was fought against generic bad guys in gray, occasionally with skull and crossbones logos, by Captain America and Wolverine.  They've got episodes like this in both the 90s X-Men series and Evolution.  In the upcoming cartoon, WWII was fought by the allies against supervillains, named HYDRA, which makes me... twitch... a little bit?  I just don't like it.  For one thing, I think whitewashing history for kids is NEVER a good idea- I read about Henry VIII constantly as a kid, and I turned out fi- anyway, the point is that history is something everybody needs to know, and trying to fictionalize it like this... it makes me distinctly uncomfortable. 

There was also a Wolverine cameo, by the way, for those keeping count.
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In light of recent Idiot Radio Host developments, but a rant I've been boiling for a while...

The first amendment.  Arguably the most misinterpretated part of American law.  Here are some helpful tips:

1. The First Amendment doesn't mean you can say whatever you like.  You can't howl "fire" in a crowded theater, to give the most obvious example.  You can't call somebody with a bomb hoax.  You can't blatantly lie about your income tax record.  These things are not protected.

2. Free Speech does not apply to just you.  It also applies to the people who disagree and wish to tell you so. 

3. The First Amendment of the US Constitution does not nessesarily apply to an international chatroom or message board.  Really.

4th, somewhat unrelatedly, if you seriously do not understand why it's not okay for white people to fling around the n-word, I have a remedial history class I can give you.  Possibly with a hammer.

Thank you all.

Signing off, Lou.
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 Today we have seen: double decker bus rides, Trafalgar Square, lots and lots of historic buildings from the outside, the best porridge I have ever had, a neighbor's cat out hunting pigeons, and an authentic-type pub.

Soon we must see: The Tower, the National Portrait gallery, Madame Tussaud's, Sammy, more yummy food, and a boat ride on the Thames.


I am sharing a room with my sister.  This is not very fun at all.  She stays up hours later than I do, is even grumpier than I am in the mornings, and has no sense of "this messes to hell with my OCD, stop leaving your dirty stuff everywhere before I completely freak again."  Why yes, there was an incident.

We genuinely have wireless here, but I have to kind of hunt for it.

We only have two English plug converters, and Sister has taken one of them hostage.  

Nowhere here has screens.  Why does noone in Europe have screens?

I keep being gripped by this feeling that "I AM IN LONDON."  It is even stronger than the feelings from the previous two cities, and probably has a lot to do with my British history obsession.  I may collapse into a trembling mush when we actually go to the tower.

It is very nice to no longer have to try to translate menus for my family whilst the poor waiter looks on.

Speaking of "whilst," signs here keep using that word.
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This was going to be a rant about me being annoyed that I didn't get makeup days for being sick.  But then I see that I finished Unit Eight ages ago and neither needed nor deserved them seeing as how long I had compared to how long I was lying in bed miserable.

So thank you, Online Teacher, for being awesome.

In other news, I've decided that my obsession with dysfunctional families in fiction stems not from my happy, mostly normal family in real life, but from my early preoccupation with the Tudors, which stems from my preoccupation with Elizabeth I, which stems from the fact that she had my name and she was awesome.

I love studying the Tudors.  They just fascinate me.  On the minus side, this means that whenever they're in popular culture I turn into one of those screaming people because Is Historical Accuracy Really That Difficult, Certain Authors Who Will Not Be Named?  Mary Boleyn was not a virgin when she caught Henry's eye.  Mary Boleyn was a slut who'd slept with most of the French court and who King Francis referred to as "my hackney."  Her story is very, very interesting, but is not the one that you told.  Also, most evidence suggests she was older than Anne, although that is still up for debate.

What was I saying?

I'll go with this:
DAVIDSON WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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