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I am at college!

Actual classes haven't started yet, nor has work crew, but still, I'm here by myself in my very own dorm room and have a finalized schedule.  One history class, one English (Classical theater), the freshman seminar (Archaeology!!), and, most exciting of all, Digital Imaging.  I always love getting school credit for getting better at something I do anyway.

Warren Wilson is a wonderful place.  They grow a lot of their own food and have a working farm including two horses (not for riding, sadly, just for plowing) (their names are Dan and Doc and I love them already because watching them helps me get less panicky) and people are friendly and supportive.

I have only had one serious panic attack and one classroom nervous thing, which is significantly better than I expected.  Also, we have decorated my dorm room (single room) and filled my bed with many pillows.

My building is the only dorm with air conditioning, but sadly has no wireless, so we have purchased an extra long drop cord and a tiny!laptop for bed reading.  I am quite fond of it, though it is very poor for typing.

so proud

on 2011-08-20 09:04 pm (UTC)
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Elizabeth! I am so freaking proud of you. Jody set me up on Skype although I haven't really figured out how to do it. I am marymattiacci. I will work with your mom to figure out a time to come up and see your room. I'll be watching for updates on how things are going. Kisses and more kisses, Aunt Mary


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