Dec. 3rd, 2012

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So, I was going to just write this and save it to my computer, or, worst case, inflict it upon my tumblr followers, or, even worse case, remember my LJ password, but then I realized something. I have a Dreamwidth.

So, yeah. Here follows a large amount of tl;dr self reflection on criticism.

Here's the deal.

As a creator, this is how I feel. Once you make something available for others to see, you should be willing to accept criticism. Sometimes that criticism is going to be shitty. That's life.  Sometimes that criticism is going to be flames.  That's not cool, but it's also a risk that comes with the job.  If you hike, you are going to have to deal with bear shit.  If you bike, you are going to have to deal with obnoxious drivers.  And if you write or draw, you are going to have to deal with flamers.

I have a hard time dealing with criticism.  It makes me feel shitty.  I have devoted a lot of time and effort into trying to fix this about myself, because I want to be a creator, and I want to get better, and that means I have to eventually face the fact that I am not perfect and not everyone likes everything I do.  And that is why, I think, it bugs me so tremendously when professionals and people I admire throw hissy fits when people dislike their stuff.  If I, someone whose major literary accomplisment is a years-old 20+ chapter Star Wars AU with 200 positive reviews on, could recognize this flaw in myself as a teenager, why can grown adults still not get it?

(And I am referring to grown adults here.  Tearing apart a 13 year old for going through her Mary Sue stage is shitty and indefensible, and she should not be criticized for reacting like a 13 year old.)


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