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2011-09-30 10:54 pm

Random Thoughts

Some are serious, some aren't.  Be forwarned that I have taken my nighttime meds and am perhaps not entirely in sound mind.

Writing!  Writing writing writing so much fun.  I have a Star Wars short thing almost done.  Do not actually know where I will post it as I have completly forgotten all my details, and also if I log in I will feel compelled to fix all the brokeness in Crashing In Time's formatting and I'm not sure I can do that.

I have come to the conclusion that the reason I adore Billy Kaplan is that he is essentially Luke Skywalker.

Please take the above conclusion with several grains of salt.

I have come to the less pleasant conclusion that Something Needs To Be Done about our justice system, and also that there's very little effect I, personally, can have on that situation.  This leads into various depressing thoughts about whether I can actually do anything with my life what with my inability to engage in meaningful social interaction without panic attack. Is my current goal really archaeology?  Is that feasible?  Can I do that, even, be a grad student and do the grunt work and travel to various locations and probably have to use public restrooms?  And even if I can, is it kind of selfish?

Also it is my twenty-five-billionth career goal this year alone, so, you know.

I like drawing almost as much as writing.  I am making interpretations of all the Guild Wars armors and when I get Flash for Christmas I will make dress up games.  I have been reading tutorials.

Didn't I write this long drawn out comparison between the Skywalker, Bat, Maximoff-etc, and Fire Nation Royal families?  I should find and post that sometime.

Someone a few rooms over is watching movies. 

And I should probably go to bed.
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2011-09-28 08:22 pm
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Today I finished my timecards, came up with a new original universe, got Children's Crusade #7, and my Star Wars shirt seemed to actively attract boys.

A good day, overall.
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2011-08-29 05:35 pm


I'm grumpy right now.

I'm grumpy because Oracle's been rebooted.

I'm grumpy because I've been having panic attacks.

I'm grumpy because I burned my hand two days ago and now my teapot makes me nervous.

I'm grumpy because Bachmann just claimed the recent natural disasters were because God's mad at Obama.

I'm grumpy that apparently this is what it takes for women to be prominent politicians in this country, that women who think and care and aren't raving bigots get no attention.

I'm actually really, really grumpy about Oracle, and may make a seperate post.

I'm grumpy because my side hurts bad and I don't need a kidney stone right now, no I don't.

But I'm happy because I have tea, and the cafeteria served pasta and yummy bread, and Photoshop finally downloaded correctly, and while I don't know why God does things any more than certain presidential candidates do, I do know that He made these mountains and they make me happy.

So maybe I'm feeling pretty good.
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2011-08-18 06:26 pm
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Reliable Internet Once Again!

I am at college!

Actual classes haven't started yet, nor has work crew, but still, I'm here by myself in my very own dorm room and have a finalized schedule.  One history class, one English (Classical theater), the freshman seminar (Archaeology!!), and, most exciting of all, Digital Imaging.  I always love getting school credit for getting better at something I do anyway.

Warren Wilson is a wonderful place.  They grow a lot of their own food and have a working farm including two horses (not for riding, sadly, just for plowing) (their names are Dan and Doc and I love them already because watching them helps me get less panicky) and people are friendly and supportive.

I have only had one serious panic attack and one classroom nervous thing, which is significantly better than I expected.  Also, we have decorated my dorm room (single room) and filled my bed with many pillows.

My building is the only dorm with air conditioning, but sadly has no wireless, so we have purchased an extra long drop cord and a tiny!laptop for bed reading.  I am quite fond of it, though it is very poor for typing.

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2011-07-26 12:37 pm

Still somewhat out of reach

 We've been up at the cabin most of the last few weeks, so not much in the way of internet.  I'll try to catch up with y'all as soon as I can, but right now I'm just in the library for a few minutes.

-Got myself psyched up to take my driver's test only to discover the office is closed on Tuesdays.
-Have broken up with DC, am having attachment-less one night stand with Marvel.
-College in three weeks!  So nervous.
-Won Mass Effect, 2/3rds of way through Mass Effect 2.  Romancing Garrus.

That's about it for now.  Hopefully talk to every one soon.
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2011-06-13 01:21 pm


 I am pleased to announce that as of today, I have just graduated as valedictorian from the PLC of Charlotte.

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2011-05-31 06:16 pm


I am officially DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL.

On to Warren-Wilson college next year!

And my birthday's tomorrow!