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Apr. 22nd, 2015 09:39 pm
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 I sort of got the prompts for five and six mixed up, and I apologize.  Having already proposed a solution for a problem, I will now discuss problem solving in general: a solution I found for a difficult problem in a different context.

I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons regularly for almost a year now.  I played occasionally in highschool, but the group fell apart as our schedules became incompatible.  Now that I'm in college, scheduling has become a little easier, and my half-elf cleric is almost level eleven.  Problems are a lot easier to solve at level eleven, because I can literally raise the dead multiple times a day.

Things were a bit trickier early on.

Our party faced a nasty situation.  A fort had been overrun by demons.  All but a few of the soldiers there were dead, and the ones left wanted to abandon the place to its fate.  This was part of my personal quest; my party members agreed that I should be the one to decide whether to retreat or fight.

In short, I got to plan a battle. 

We were outnumbered, even after convincing the soldiers to fight with us.  We had no chance in a drawn out fight.  Instead, I decided to distract the demons with summoned creatures while the party brought all force to bear on their leader.  It wasn't a very complicated plan, but it was still tremendous fun to see it all come together.  
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